DeathStarPC | 2017-09-11 03:47

Hello everyone, DeathStar here.

You may know me as the leader of va|VoxelArmy or as the lead developer of the QServ Server mod

I have created a new mode called Hulk in which a person is randomly selected at the beginning of each match to be the hulk.

What's so great about the hulk you ask? Well he gets 1500 health, 1200 armor, and 100000 ammo. All he has to do is complete the objective (score flagruns/kill others/capture bases/hold the flag) and live for 10 minutes. If the others kill him before 10 minutes is up, he is defeated and another hulk is chosen.

Please tell me what you think and also come check out the mod in person on the va|Hulk.

LandRiders7th | 2017-04-15 03:38

Long story short I have recorded an unboxing of a cash register I took with me from an Einstein Bagels for one of my contract jobs on February 1st of this year.

I have done a quick benchmark on this Radian Systems Register by Running the game from an external Hard Drive.

So yeah I did it because I can [>.0]/

Hey guys this is LR7 here

For those that don't know me

Its been a long time since I came to this site and cube due to life out site of the internet keeping me busy.
I have so much to talk about but this post here isn't enough to say it all.

There's been some decisions about hosting a streaming site, so far i haven't found anyone that has done streaming about SauerBraten that I'm aware of so I'll be the first to do this on twitch (correct me if I'm wrong) in which I'll show casing content like:


And anything Cube related of course. Even more.....

while streaming my desktop or most likely playing Cube 2 Sauer Braten most of the time.

The game I started playing 6 years ago, building a Ship in which I hope to not only make a come back again. Also to complete it during my streams over time and later build something new. who knows maybe you guys can get your work or self's featured.

As always your more than free to send in some of your work to help out in the development of The ship

skiingpenguins | 2015-07-11 03:47


There have been a few changes made to Quadropolis today:

- Many stale users removed (screenshots below)
- HeWho is now a moderator + 2 stars
- Q009 now 3 stars
- Max file upload size now 16 megabytes
- Max image size now 1920x1080
- Captcha/textimage re-enabled
- User registrations opened to no admin approval needed

With the last two changes, it will now be easier to grow this site as there was a VERY long backlog of blocked-but-human users. Unfortunately, they did not get emailed that their accounts have been activated. Because of the no-admin registration, a few bots may get through. Moderators will need to manage this.

Best of luck.

Suicizer | 2015-03-19 13:22

Dear mapper,

Are you in for some more mapping action? Then sign up for the first Sauerworld Mapping Challenge: Remake a map!

For this edition, the challenge is to make your best remake of an FPS map of your choosing. The map can be from Quake, Counter Strike, or any game you can think of other than Sauer, as long as it is a remake of an already existing map. So, do you want more information? Then read on and sign up here.

You are allowed to sign up until the 28th of March 2015 0:00 GMT. Any entries which sign in after that date are still allowed to participate but can expect a penalty during the voting period.
The challenge starts on the 29th of March 2015 at 0:00 GMT and ends on the 10th of May 2015 0:00 GMT.

Dear user of Quadropolis,

Our website is frequently quite inactive which often is the blame of a policy performed by certain admins and moderators. There are a lot ideas which all have been listed on certain nodes, but they somehow never are really done (or never been finished). Click for an example right here or here.

That's why a new set of admins is upcoming, as most of the current ones which should be active are as inactive as the rest of the crowd. Therefore I would like to announce our newborn administrators:

- Mmeaninglesz
- Nyne
- Ardelico
- Chasester_aka_you
- Calinou

As our beloved team of moderators is doing such a great job also; let's add some more to that team:
- Windastella
- Death14
- Zaaikort
- Pyccna
- Greaserpirate

Let's hope those fresh baked administrators and moderators show some results soon.

Suicizer | 2013-10-13 22:11

After being able to map for 133 days, only a few of the 9 people which signed up for the challenge made it to the end. It was for most of them a tough challenge which required dedication and discipline, but as comments have shown so, it should be worth it.

As only the votes of participants were actually counting, I still call 1 general vote for the public which were kind enough to vote on certain maps as well.
The rankings of all participants listed right under this sentence.

Mmeaninglez:     Crun:           Skur:            Suicizer:
#1 Meltdown      #1 Meltdown     #1 Mystic Farm   #1 Meltdown
#2 Mystic Farm   #2 Mystic Farm  #2 Missile Pass  #2 Missile Pass
#3 Missile Pass  #3 Air          #3 Air           #3 Mystic Farm

As the votes show so, we've got a 1st, 2nd and 3th place:

1st, Meltdown, being ranked 3 times as 1st!
2nd, Mystic Farm, being ranked 1 time as 1st, 2 times as 2nd and 1 time as 3th!
3th, Missile Pass, being ranked 2 times as 2nd and 1 time as 3th!

Suicizer | 2013-10-09 21:08

As has been DDOSed since Sunday 6th of October 2013 Saturday 18th of April 2014, the master server of Sauerbraten and Tesseract are both offline, as well as the website of Cube Engine (2).
As there currently isn't any way for (new) players to report bugs or reveal their thoughts about Cube Engine (2), the forum of Quadropolis is temporary meant for such things as well (it actually always has been that, but rather served as a second try for players next to the forum of Sauerbraten).
Connecting to public servers shouldn't be a problem, but new hosted servers probably won't work (as they won't be assigned).
If you need any information about Cube Engine (2), your Sauerbraten directory should contain a folder called docs which has all pages of the website (except the forum of course).

There is no specific date of when will be back online again.

Spread the word across the community.

RaZgRiZ | 2013-01-05 13:33
Starred Content

Hello ladies and gentlemen, RaZgRiZ here. Since a new and awesome release, labelled "Collect Edition", of Cube 2: Sauerbraten is out, and because nobody else had a speech ready, i took the liberty of making one myself. After 2 (and a little bit more) years in development, and with a lot of people speculating that this game had be abandoned, it is here once more to prove you wrong! Featuring amazing new.. features and.. stuffs. But i assure you there's been a lot of background work done as well, in gameplay, editing, and scripting. Enough said, get on the download page NOW!

Here is the slightly shortened changelog.

  • reanimated Ogro (by Geartrooper) with skeletal animation so he supports vweps and ragdolls
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