ActionCube is released !

After 2.5 years of silent spare time development we are proud to bring the first beta release to the public.
It´s a full feature, complete game, masterserver available.

ActionCube is a team-oriented total conversion of the cube engine, themed in a realistic looking environment (as much as it can get in cube of course). That´s just the theme though.
Gameplay is fast and arcade.

Visit our website:
for downloads and information.

Join us in irc: #actioncube @ quakenet

Nieb | 2006-11-02 12:05

I've been fiddling around with thew newest version of Drupal, and theres alot of nice new features it has. A better search tool, much better admin tools etc.

Theres a demo if want to check it out, you can't really tell much from it, but it really is a lot nicer than what we have for Quadropolis now. Also it has a new spiffy theme.

I'm going to try and upgrade from what we have now, so the site might be down for a bit. If that doesn't work I'll start a poll to see who's up for a new Quadropolis. We could manually re-upload some of the resent content, so it shouldn't be to much of a problem.

Nieb | 2006-10-26 06:16

We've raised enough for the hosting bill! Thanks to everyone who donated, your help is much appreciated. :)

Nieb | 2006-10-23 07:30
Hello all, my hosting service will be up soon (01/01/2007). It'll cost $94.80USD to continue the hosting for another 2 years.
I'm a little tight on money right now, so I figure I would ask the community for help covering the cost.
So if you want to keep Quadropolis alive, please help out...
xoltra | 2006-06-18 05:47

I've recently completed a utility that provides a command line means of querying and manipulating Sauerbraten maps. Hopefully it will be useful to developers and mappers. You can find it here:

Feel free to send me any comments or questions that you might have.

Nieb | 2006-05-25 22:19

We were considering changing a few things around on the site, then the idea came up to change/upgrade the entire CMS (Content Management System, it's what the entire website is built on). If we did choose to change/upgrade the CMS, all the current content would be lost and it would be like starting over.
The changes we were discussing are:
- wip/beta maps section
- change the comment system to be more understandable, it can be confusing with alot of comments. Maybe more of a "forum" like interface
- a different way of visually organizing lists so you can see more in one screen instead of scrolling so much
- a better rating system could be possible with a new CMS

Some of this can be done with the current CMS, but a new CMS maybe more flexible and visually appealing.
Please comment and vote (poll) on you opinions, and if you have any suggestions for a CMS or ideas for the site, please do tell.

EDIT: The only thing possible on the list would be a "wip/bata maps section, with t

Nieb | 2006-05-19 10:24

There's a new release of pCube, for more info click here.

Pxtl | 2006-03-13 17:16

I have no idea how serious this guy is - but he wants to pay you for maps. I received an offer through the feedback system, listed below:

-- The following message was sent using the feedback page --


My Name is Ian Clark and I am doing a College business project using
Cube. This project will hopefull make money and I will continue to run
it after the class ends. I have been looking into the copyright issue
and it seems that most of the textures are or might be copyrighted. I
seem to have run across the same problem that some members of your
community have, that it is very diffucullt to tell what one can or
cannot use within cube. So what I am looking for are 4 or 5 Cube levels
suitalbe for 4-7 players (multiplayer) made with original textures, and
have an original look. I am willing to pay 50-100$ US each and it would
be for a non-exclusive commercial license meaning that the person would
just be giving me permission to use it. I know that it is not a lot but
at least it is some extra cash for their hard work. We are trying our
best not to rip off anything from cube, and customers will not have to
pay for the game we will make our profits with other methods. It is our
goal to make a business to bring cube and sauer to the next level and
give back as much as we can to the community.

Thank you for your time and if you could send some people my way, or put a post on the site I would be forever greatful


Ian Clark

From Makke:

Hi there

Due to Aard clarifying lately that it´s illegal and not appreciated to
make a small mod, but redistribute all else in the cube folder with it,
we´ll have to remove two mods: Sopo and Vector-x

Authors should be contacted to repackage their mods (only changed/new
content) and provide a seperate exe (maybe, not really sure on this).

This suprises me, but we have to respect copyright so the downloads for Sopo and VectorX will be removed immediately. I'll leave the nodes there incase the authors wish to reuse the old description and screenshots. If the authors don't fix the original nodes, I'll removed them completely. Also, if that includes my installer for Cube (May 2004) I'll take that down too (it's out-of-date anyways).

Nieb | 2006-01-07 02:42
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