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Welcome to Quadropolis, your source and destination for Cube and Sauerbraten content.
You can browse through the repositories of mods, maps, and config scripts through the links at the top of the page.
More links are present in the side bars to the right,
for recent content/comments and site-access according to your status (anonymous, user, moderator).

Make yourself familiar with the different ways to view the communities data.
This wild conglomeration was submitted for various types of cube engine -
from Cube (the original) and Assault Cube
over Sauerbraten, Blood Frontier and Marble Arena
on to Eisenstern.

Cube Engines

Cube, Sauerbraten, Eisenstern .. if you're confused what this site is about, I go and see the Cube Engine website. All will be revealed there.

Content Types

We have some guides here,
but you should check the wiki for documentation of the engine and - naturally - your local copy of the basic documentation (which includes a static copy of the wiki at release-time).
Mainly the content nodes fall into one of the three sections

  • Map,
  • Script or
  • Mod


The terms under which we categorize nodes
For each of these a number of specific categories might be applicable,
you can view certain legitimate combinations via the taxonomy browser -
but some combos just don't work that way.
Like just finding Sauerbraten Deathmatch maps - you'll need to filter the game it's for yourself - e.g. just read over those maps not for Sauerbraten. The only logical operator is AND :-/
If you're looking for Capture maps you'd be in luck - they only exist in Sauerbraten,
CTF maps are just for Assault Cube -
so in such a case you can slim down on the viewed list to just one subclass of maps.


The sections content nodes generally fall into
Another - more flexible - access to these sections comes via the flexinode module directly;
For maps it can display a list, a ranked list or a table.

These views are also available for Scripts [List Rank Table]
or Mods [List Rank Table].

  • a list is always sorted by the date the last change occured
  • a ranked list sorts by stars awarded and subsorts by number of voters
  • a table can be sorted by any column, initially order will be descending, resort to reverse


Comments and Ratings

If you would like to rate, comment on, or submit content, then you must create an account for yourself.
This requires an existing email address for your default password.
Once you are a member, you can rate content by clicking on the "stars" at the bottom of the article.
Your rating will be averaged into the existing rating.

You can change your rating at any time.

Do not be afraid to do so,
WiP nodes might one day be of release quality and thus require your judgement to be reevaluated.

Now a word on how to use the 5-star system:
First we got to talk about extremes; of course the ultimate extreme is no rating -
a node that is not worth being rated or too fresh to have received one.
But don't leave nodes unrated - tell the author what you think of his work!

If you rate a node extreme you should leave a comment too, but it's not required;
it might be hard to vote something 1 star ... but if you have nothing more to say to the author ...

Feel free to rate and comment on any map or mod that you have tried out.
Please don't rate content you haven't tested yet - unless the node is malformatted, of course. To avoid getting 1 star for your nodes because people are unhappy with what you posted you should read the packaging guide. Please rate fairly, and consider not only how much you enjoyed the map, but also how well it does what it claims to do in its description - if its only a proof of concept or techdemo map, keep that in mind. That means a map demonstrating a new entity, shader or is just stage for some CubeScript should not be judged by the same aspects as a map intended for being played on.

You may notice that there is no general purpose forum here at Quadropolis.
This site is intended to be for content submission, discussion and review only.
Discussion and development of Aardappel's engines should be left to the Cube Forum. Offtopic discussion should be left just about anywhere else.

In general: if it applies to the node you can ask/answer questions or just shout out your opinion of this node to the viewer. Moderators might have a go at your posting though if they deem it inappropriately phrased, so just stay polite boys-n-gals ;-)


Submitting Content

To do so, click the "create content" link in the sidebar. Any regular user can submit maps and config scripts. Maps and scripts will appear in their sections of the site. Moderators can then push the content to the front page if it's impressive enough.
Improperly formatted, malicious, overbloated, or pointless content will be deleted and your account may be suspended.
For more detailed information read the packaging guideline.


Cube and Sauerbraten have excellent facilities for mappers, but it also means that new users can easily make completely pointless maps. Please do not submit your first map, or beta versions of maps, the Quadropolis - this site is intended for complete content that you are proud of.


When uploading screenshots, I highly recommend you cut the image up into smaller chunks and combine them into a single image, as exemplified by rocknrol's image below:



If you have useful scripts, then they can be submitted to Quadropolis as well.
Please don't submit single-operation or otherwise oversimplified scripts - that would simply bloat the database. If you have a script, make it as useful and multipurpose as possible - feel free to bundle several scripts together into a pack.


If you've created a mod, you can submit it to Quadropolis. The term "mod" is pretty vague, so generally any modification to Cube (be it content or a new executable, or some total conversion) is generally considered a "mod". Quadropolis is intended to be a player-resource first and a developer-resource second, so try to package things in a form that would let them be useful to a player. If you're submitting models or skyboxes, package them with scripts that allow an unskilled player to see them in-game (for example, by optionally including a script to replace an existing piece of existing content with the new content).


If you have News or a useful Guide for Cube modders or map editors, you can submit it as a story. Note that there is no limited section for News, and that won't likely change, so you need moderator help to get news on to the front page. Guides, on the other hand, have their own section if you've useful information for cube modders and mappers.


All nodes support a limited subset of HTML.
This includes the description blocks of maps/mods/scripts, and the stories. Take advantage of this.
The single-large-screenshot allows us to keep our locally-hosted-filesize under control without resorting to more complex systems of file management,
not to mention making it simpler to post at least one screenshot of the map.
However, if you want to add some splash or secondary screenshots (hosted externally) to the description, you can.

Content Creators

For various reasons we restrict the ability to create certain forms of content on Quadropolis. It used to be mods, it's currently stories (and guides) -- too many people were trying to use "submit story" to ask for help or request changes. As such, certain users are flagged as "content creators" to give them permission to do things like that.
Use the "contact admins" option to request "content creator" status, which gives you permission to upload the blocked content. Give us a good sales pitch about whatever you need to do.

On Moderation

Prominent users are made into Moderators on Quadropolis.
This gives them the power to vote up/down comments and content on Quadropolis.
If something you posted either spontaneously disappears or is bumped to the frontpage, then you can thank a moderator.
Any content or comments that are deemed to be malicious, malformed, illegal, copyright-infringing, etc. will be removed either by the moderators or by the admins of Quadropolis.
You may not get a notice that this has happened.
If you've been made into a moderator (you might not get notice of that either, you'll suddenly just get a few new options onscreen - we're lazy like that) then please read the Moderators' Guide before abusing your powers.


That's our site.
Enjoy it - take care of it and it will take care of you.
We look forward to playing with your crap.

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