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Huge Modelpack
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A huge modelpack

Here it is, the (probably) biggest modelpack ever posted on quadropolis.
It contains 184 models which are all have separate themes, like urbanic, medieval/gothic, tropical, industrial, egyptic, etc.
Almost all (like 90%) of the models have included bumpmap and masks, for even better quality (except models like plants or trees, because they don't need reflectivity) and have a separate configuration-file.

A screenshot with a way higher resolution is accessible over here.
Because the file-size is 210Mb I couldn't post it in just 1 part and that's why it's been split into several parts (it currently is 116,5Mb).
- The egyptic and furniture models are downloadable here.
- The gothic and humanic models over here.
- The industrial and light models can be obtained here.
- The miscellaneous, urbanic, vegetation and vehicle models can be downloaded here

The license is GNU-GPL 2.0 and CC-atribution, which let me understand that it should be okay to post (but rename and modify as well!) those models, as long as I refer the author's name which I'll do just now:
Thanks to sitters-electronics for creating all of the models.

When using those models, be sure to give sitters-electronics credit for creating the models and (if there is still space left) some credit to me for distributing and making them compatible with cube engine 2.

The reason of posting this is to give such beautiful models another chance, to make mapping even easier as it is now and for me to learn how to set up a proper model-configuration, while also learning about modeling.
All models should not be distributed within this community yet again (the Cube Engine community in overall). Link to this content instead.

Even it's noted for "Sauerbraten", it's actually designed for Cube Engine 2 and is fully compatible with Red Eclipse v1.10 (because there aren't any playermodels involved in the modelpack which have animations).
I won't make the models compatible with AssaultCube, because if so then I can start all over again with setting up configuration-files for the models and I assumed using .md2 is more common in that game than .md3-files. AssaultCube doesn't seems to have a good documentary about importing models anyways (not even the required commands). Since Assaultcube can't handle bumpmapped-skins or masks and uses way different commands in their configuration-files, that would lack some detail either.

I hope you also are just as font of (some) of the models as I am and maybe even use them in a map or mod.

To Do
- Improving the masks and bump-maps of some models, because some could be made better.
- Improving the animations of models like switches, torture devices and maybe I'll even add animations to the vehicles and playermodels.
- Linking several models together, like the "faraothrone" model which exist out of 3 different parts.
- Adding a better screenshot, since there are a lot models which are also very nice and deserve to be on the screenshot.

7th of September 2011
- Found out MisfitModels3D is a great program when converting .obj or .md2-files to .md3, because it sometimes even decreases the file-size 5 times. But when doing so the only problem is that it doesn't seems to convert curved shapes perfect every time (it sometimes drops or moves vertexes). But for flat and/or easy shapes, it's really nice!
- Repackaged the whole modelpack and also made it fully compatible with Red Eclipse. If you want to use it for Red Eclipse, just be sure you renamed the "packages" folder into "data".
- Added some more mapmodels like a crane and human characters (too bad no animations or linking yet).

27th of May 2012
- Deleted several masks from the egypticfurniture pack, to save up file-size. They now use the diffuse texture as masks, but configured so the mask is red.
I'll make sure the rest can be downloaded soon.

28th of May 2012
- Did the exact same process as on 27th of May with the gothichuman pack. It has saved more as 23Mb on file-size because of that!
- Resized all skins (also the bump-mapped) which were bigger as 512p by 50%. Saved up almost 35Mb by doing so, lost a little bit quality though.
- Also resized the skins in the furniture pack. Saved about 6,7Mb on file-size compared to it's previous version.

30th of May 2012
- Redid the same process on the industriallights pack. It saved up more than 22,5Mb.
- Exported the crane model to .md3-format (pretty painful when receiving error messages all the time and having more as 120 groups at 1 mesh). Still need to add tags though.

22th of October 2012
- Finally finished what I've started (as far as you can call it finished). Redid the last part of the modelpack (urbanicvegetatevehicles).

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