Nieb | 2006-01-07 02:42
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 Fortress Redux
Nieb | 2005-12-09 19:32

Quadropolis has a new domain name.

Be sure to update your bookmarks and tell your friends the news.

As you may or may not have noticed, the new version of Drupal (the CMS backend of the site) has some problems. Really, we would've just left the old version, but there was a serious security weakness.

At any rate, the complaint is usually the layout missing some crucial elements (like the login box, or the "maps" entry in the content type list) - just refresh your browser and the problems seem to go away.

If there are any unsolvable problems, use the "contact admins" or comment on this thread and we'll try to work it out.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Edit: on further inspection, it may have to do with the "throttle" system. Likely the new version improved "throttle"'s sensitivity. This module converts the site into a lower-bandwidth form when the load is heavy. While I'm not positive that this is the source of the problem, it means that said features are disabled when too many users are hitting the site. Dunno how to tweak it to work better. More as it develop

Nieb | 2005-09-07 05:54

After long hours of trying to get the CMS updated, and keep the site intact at the same time, we've finally got her back up and running.
If it happens again we'll be forced to remake the site with a different CMS and in turn lose all of the content to date. Lets hope for the best.

Okay, I want to apologise for many of the maps I have rated "too high wqd" and "too big"

As I found out today with the help of CrazyTB, I had my lighterror set to 1 all the time, without noticing it would heavily raise wqd :S
Whoever´s map I might have dissed for it being too high wqd I want to apologise.
I am soo stupid.
Sorry Folks

I´m going to look at all my ratings and reviews again on lighterror 8 the next few days, correcting any possible mistakes I made due to that.

Doesn´t mean that there weren´t some of them really too big, but a few might have been rated
wrongly by be.

Pxtl | 2005-07-01 15:51

Hey. Was just looking in and - we've had a ton of activity on the Scripts section of all places. An auto-updater for Sauer, a map-list generator, several zoom and crosshairs scripts, etc. Not to mention my fave script, and "offhand fist" trick that is nuts-handy for Insta. I won't bother linking them here, the section is pretty much packed with good stuff. Just go there and take a look. Just thought you all should know.

Pxtl | 2005-06-16 11:21

I'm heading to Chicago for the weekend, will be back Tuesday. If anything is gonna happen on the front page in the meantime, it's up to Nieb or the mods to do it.

Singleplayer Splurge

Some nice singleplayer maps have come out (notably some of the first for Sauer) thanks to JCDPC, Staffy, and the infamous LavaBall.
stsp1 Kitchensink TR2 Map Pack

Sweet Sauer

Some damn pretty maps are out thanks to Sparr, Staffy, and TOGOs (who should check the "mulitplayer" tag, not "singleplayer").

Mod from JCDPC

A fun little 60 map mod has popped up. Go get it.

Pxtl | 2005-06-02 14:57

Well, the site's starting to take off, and while it's probably unnecessarily early for this, I'm appointing some moderators. I just went through some of our more prolific and notable contributors and have given them moderator access. It doesn't really matter a whole lot - pretty much most decisions you make as a moderator need to be reinforced by a second moderator before they take direct effect. At any rate:

MakkE, Shadow, Staffy, MitaMAN, Dplomat, and Sparr are now moderators. There's no additional responsability - you can totally ignore the priviledges if you like. All they can do is moderate up and down comments and help move stuff to the front page. Please read the moderators' guide before using your mod access.

This is just experimental and not a big deal - the worst I'll do if it doesn't work out is change the moderator access or remove it altogether - but I'm sure it will be useful.

Just a little shot:

Notice the HUD elements. In't that hella cool? I just thought I'd point you to JayMan29's nifty new Cube mod while I punt it out of the Map section after he graciously reposted it as a mod. Quick note for new users - please read the Users' Guide at the top before posting content.

Sauer maps:

Now, a few Sauer things. Congrats to my partner-in-crime Nieb for making what is by far the sexiest thing I've seen on Aard's engines yet.

Pxtl | 2005-05-26 19:28

Aardappel has announced his first relatively stable release of Sauerbraten. We've had a whole day and still no maps yet - I'm kinda disappointed.

Go get it. The first decent map I see is going on the front page. Shadow, Staffy, Bltchgranmda, and Nieb posted maps for older versions of Sauer, which they should update for the new version - at least show us some shadow-mapped screenshots.

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