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Cube-Art Script, making pixel-art a bit easier. UPDATED 1.1 (4/20/12)
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This script makes drawing pixel-art a little easier.

Cube Art script Version 1.1!(4/20/2011)

This script will draw a row of pixels in an image automatically, cutting the overall time it takes to draw pixel-art in-game down significantly.

1.1 Update:
-New "SauerImageConverter" Version 1.1
.-Now displays percentage while converting images.(If it looks like it hangs at 0%, it's really just lagging b/c your image is larger than expected.)
.-No longer exits after converting an image.
.-Auto-detects alpha channel in images. (Images w/ an alpha channel will be drawn that way in-game automatically now)
-New "cube_art.cfg" Version 1.1
.-New "setrow" function. ("/setrow ", where the top row is row #1)
.-Replaced use of "universaldelta" with "editface".
.-Replaced "arg#" variable names.

Key features so far:
-Separate folder for converted image files to avoid confusion with other ".cfg" files.
-The alpha channel in the image is made into alpha material in-game.
-Images can be added on-the-fly; no need to restart Sauer.
-Image files are really just ".cfg" files, so they are open to many possibilities.
-A single "cube_art" function for easy keybinding; (Just put the line "editbind N cube_art" in "autoexec.cfg")
-A lovely little GUI menu for loading Cube-Art images.
-"prevrow" function for redrawing rows. ("/prevrow ")
-"clearimg" function to reset the script.
-New "setrow" function to go directly to the row specified. ("/setrow ", where the top row is row #1)

How to use:
1. Follow the included "README--INSTRICTIONS.txt" to install.
2. (Windows Users)Use the "SauerImageConverter.exe" included in the package to convert the image you wish to draw in-game.
2. (Non-Windows Users)Download Unixfreak's "Cube-Art Image Converter" and convert the image you wish to draw in-game. (
3. Place the converted file(".cfg") into the "cube-art" folder.
4. In-game, use the "cube_art" keybind to open the menu, and select the Cube-Art image you wish to draw.
5. Select a cube to draw from, stand back, and use the "cube_art" keybind again to draw a row of pixels from the image.
6. Repeat step 5 until the image is complete. Use "/prevrow" to redo a row if you mess up.

Special Notes:
-A good "rule of thumb" is to crop your image's height to no more than around 60 pixels. Anything larger becomes tedious to draw.
-This script DOES work in coopedit mode, but it WILL cause brief bursts of lag as each row is drawn.
-"nompedit" does not need to be turned on manually for this script to work online, however you will still need to "/sendmap" for others to see your art.

Special Thanks:
--To UnixFreak for making a better image converter; graphics-related programming isn't exactly my cup of tea.
--To the, now dead, MMC clan and it's forum for support and hosting earlier versions.

Cube-Art Version (358.37 KB)
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