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eX Texturepack
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(Probably) one of the best texture packs that you could find for free!

And here it is, the Evil-X Texture Pack by Yves Allaire!
All textures are sightable ingame, as far as I've noticed.
They seem to be some remade textures of several others which Yves Allaire has released in the past, yet they are in a completly new shape.

A screenshot with some higher resolution is available right here.

I hope you enjoy them!

I would like to thank Yves Allaire for his wonderful work for recreating some of Quake2's textures.
The original textures can be found on

Although the license isn't stating so;
Don't include these textures within your zip-file of your project (as for maps, scripts, models, skyboxes, not stand-alone mods, etc), but rather link to this page instead. If you are using modified versions of the textures; be sure to include those in the very same directory and pick another name for them.
It currently is licensed as Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

15th of July 2010
- Fixed the mistake that Windecker noticed.
- Renamed the "eX" folder into "ex" and changed the config so that it still recognize everything (any "eX" inside package has been changed to "ex").
- Added the lower quality texture pack as main texture pack for downloading (just because they dont look that bad at all and when you compare the 8Mb size against the 30Mb size, it's pretty useless to download the higher resolution pack, except if you're a detail-maniac). Of course the high resolution pack is still downloadable over here.

16th of July 2010
- Renamed all textures to lower case letters. Everything in the texturepack is lowercased now.
- Permission to put this texture pack on quadropolis and to let any cube engine 2 games use them, has been added.

15th of August 2012
- Renamed all textures once more, but now they won't have ex in their names (to have less clutter).
- Converterted all textures to jpg-format to reduce the file-size (the link is still at the update of 15th July 2011).
- Repackaged the whole thing for some more cleaner content.
- Updated all links on the content.
- Finally added some proper screenshot and some map which shows off the textures a little bit.

16th of August 2012
Tweaked the configuration-file a little bit so they emit more specular light, while some of them are more shallow in sight now.

8th of September 2014
Changed the packaging and configuration a bit so the 256x256 and the 512x512 versions have different folders (which should avoid confusion).
Please do not load the textures directly from textures/yves_allaire/ex but from textures/yves_allaire/ex/ex256 or textures/yves_allaire/ex/ex512.
- Both versions are now zipped in 1 zip-file instead of 2. Just use the version which you like the most and throw the other away.

Here are some other texture packs which you might be interested in:

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ex_map_example_16aug12.zip239.15 KB
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