Suicizer | 2014-01-05 19:26
The Lost Textures of Ik2k
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Additional Texture Pack to ik2k

After I was trying to work with the already included textures of ik2ik, I was sick of having only a small amount of textures which are actually fitting each other and are a very ripped down texture-set.
That's why I searched over the net and tried to find the textures which are also belonging to the same pack. After a quite large amount of time, I bumped into this website and found just what I needed.

I hope this makes those old textures back in the running again. Because they currently are never getting used in nearly any official maps while they do deserve better.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I would like to thank Iikka "Fingers" Keranen for these beautiful textures.
I don't need any credit for this at all and I'm not caring about ratings. I do care about if they would be used in one of your maps. So use them and credit Fingers!

Be sure to read the license before using the texture-pack!

I've currently used a screenshot of Finger's map as I haven't made a finished preview map with the textures myself. Forgive me for this...

These textures, either standalone or as a part of a level, mod or other
product may be freely used and distributed on a non-commercial basis
via electronic media (Internet, FTP, BBS) only. Commercial use, ie.
anything that involves any kind of payment from the user, is prohibited.
The only exception is including levels or mods that use these textures
on a magazine cover CD. This is accepted, given that the level designer
or mod author has also given their permission for the magazine to
include their work.

These textures may also be freely modified by the user, or used as a
base for additional texture artwork. Any modified versions of the
textures remain my property, and the above restrictions still apply.

If you want to use these textures as a part of a commercial product,
a non-exclusive commercial license can be possible.

- Provide a preview map.
- Add an original screenshot.
- Perhaps I will make some bump-, spec- and height-mapped textures for them. Let's see what happens first.

10 January 2014
- Included the carpet-textures as proper decal textures (.png-format instead of .jpg) and as mapmodels (so they can be rotated and placed where ever you want).
- Cleaned up some textures.
- Included some of the mapsounds which are in the original map, called ikzdm1.
- Provided a preview map. It is "playable", yet not recommended.
- Provided a screenshot which is truly made with Cube Engine 2 (instead of Q3Radiant). (7.02 MB)
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