Suicizer | 2010-07-05 21:02
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some nice textures!

This textureset I've found after a long search for a free texturepack, with a license that's proper and fitting to cube engine. There are a lot of textures that just fit each other, as long as you know how to use them.
All textures are appearing darker ingame as they normally are. This is intended, because they look better when they are a little bit darker and also have the advantage that people are always able to make them brighter again ingame (by using vcolor 1 1 1).
There are several "decal-models" included, which carry some of the diffuse textures. They are intended to enhance walls as in decoration, or for gameplay-wise aspects (as you are able to shoot trough the alpha-channeled skin, just like air material). The map example shows of how to "call" them. Use them wisely...
Using the textures as skins shouldn't be against the license, as they carry the same license as any other texture in the zip-file (the license is just not putted in that folder; there's no need to put things twice in 1 zip-file).

I would like to thank Yves Allaire for such pretty diffuse textures!
The original textures can be found on

Although the license isn't stating so;
Don't include these textures within your zip-file of your project (specificly maps, scripts, models, skyboxes, not stand-alone mods), but rather link to this page instead. If you are using modified versions of the textures; be sure to include those and pick another name for them.
It currently is licensed as Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

Things to-do:
None; comment if you still think something should be done.

9th of July 2010
- Just did the same as with the dsi textures. they really are looking great now :D!

12th of July 2010
- Removed useless identical textures. decreased file-size because of that. I know some of the textures still could share the same normal map or height map, but some of them aren't that similar as they look like.

3rd of April 2012
- Cleaned up the mess I made long time ago. Almost every texture contains height-mapped textures.
- Deleted several textures, but also used a special technique to specify a specular- mapped texture without any need to generate one outside Cube Engine 2.
- Repackaged the texturepack so all textures are just in 1 folder, with just 1 package.cfg

9th of April 2012
- Be prepared to have textures be rendered on meshes instead, to let them work as a decal. As long as you're not abusing the meshes (like spamming around), it shouldn't be that heavy to render.
- In other news; I made my first "rigged" model, can I be called an artist now =P?

15th of April 2012
- Finished all meshes and animations. Maybe some day I will try to make even better animated doors (like rotating also), but for now they should do the job.
- Included a screenshot in the content (finally) and in the zip-file.
- Finished the example map.

16th of April 2012
- Fixed some small mistakes (like still having red launchpad-textures at default, not having specified a height-mapped texture, etc).

25th of September 2012
- Fixed a small typo.

Here are some other texture packs which you might be interested in:

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