The mapping competition is under way, so get your 'E' key ready for some heavy lifting!

We're looking for some amazing capture maps that we can hopefully convince the Sauerbraten developers to include in the release. So come on, dazzle us with your mastery of geometry, finesse with lighting, and ingenuity with design.

Read on for the competition details. You will also want to read the Guidelines which apply to all competitions.

Nieb | 2007-05-27 20:59

Just FYI, any maps that are missing either the map-file or the screenshot will be taken of the site.

If your map file is larger then 2MB get a hold of me ("contact admins" link) and I'll manually upload the map for you. Till we can get the uploading fixed.

Your screenshots must be 640x480 under 1025kb and JPG, PNG or GIF format.

After much delay, the scores are finally in.

Final Scores

Horror by Wotwot : 100 / 120 1st Our Winner!
Mayan Temple by Shadow :  69 / 120 2nd
Seclusion by Lonescourge :  66 / 120 3rd
Double by Alex_of_cubefr :  44 / 120 4th

Click Here to view the scoring details.

Quin agreed to take the place of Pxtl. He will also be the host of future mapping competitions on Quadropolis. He's already began to organize the next competition, so stay tuned for more details!

Pxtl | 2007-03-14 18:08

You may have noticed some difficulty uploading, some nodes appearing half-empty. I'm looking into this issue, but I'm not having much luck. New stuff is still appearing on the site occaisionally, so all I can suggest is keep trying. I've tried to contact Nieb and Meat to see if they have any ideas on what's causing the probelm, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

Nieb | 2007-02-28 05:21

Everyone is invited to take part in the first ever Quadropolis Mapping Contest! Yes that means you, even if you havn't mapped before or havn't made a map in a really long time.

Pxtl | 2007-02-26 02:09

Quadropolis recently had trouble with some spammers flooding the site with bogus comments and users. Because of that we temporarily had to lock down new-user-registration. We have since added a captcha-authorization for new users to deter spammers. Hopefully this will be enough or we'll have to make the captcha more complex. At any rate, new-user-registration is back.

Unfortunately, we discovered a minor bug in the aftermath: node moderation votes are not undoable. So, moderators, make damn sure you have made up your mind before you hit +1 or -1 on a post. My own use of this like a drunken sailor is why we have a torrent of maps on the front page. Node moderation might be returning to it's hiatus if a solution can't be found.

Pxtl | 2007-01-22 21:03

Maps that used to be listed as "Multiplayer" are now listed as "Deathmatch". This is a minor but overdue change which provides useful detail to the map-type list. I've added "Capture" and "CTF" types... I mulled it over in my mind, and every other solution involved adding a laundry-list of taxonomy names (which would all appear at the top of every node they applied to)... so instead, I focussed on compatibility, as I did at the beginning.

If you've uploaded any maps as "multiplayer" for which the designation "CTF" or "Capture" would be more appropriate than their new designation "Deathmatch", it would be appreciated if you'd go and change that (where CTF is ActionCube's CTF mode, and Capture is Sauer's Dom-style Capture mode).

edit: also, because of Digital Spaghetti's nice "Cheatsheet", I've added a (very small) space for uploading data as part of stories and guides.

edit2: I've set up a new, better Search page!

edit3: Attention ActionCube mappers: If your AC map works in all AC multiplayer modes, please tag it as both Deathmatch and CTF.

read more for further discussion of these decisions.

Pxtl | 2007-01-09 14:27

You've probably noticed these new links in the nav-box. You may have even tried clicking on them and gotten "access denied". That's because these are still a work-in-progress, and don't actually work yet. So please stop messaging me through the "Contact Admins" button about it.


EDIT: [MeatROme]
Sorry about this boys&girls ... they seemed to work, but actually I messed up - it's fixed now.
Sorting is - as requested by Nieb - done by adding all votes together,
so a massively voted upon item might rank higher than one with an overall higher score.
E.g. : (11 x 5)

Nieb | 2006-12-06 18:13

"Saurebraten: GUI Edition" release is out, with a few new texture sets and maps, revised netcode, and much more...

Cube forum page and changelog:


ActionCube v0.91 is out, with a new map, two new gamemodes, a better netcode, better balanced weapons and other new stuff as well as bugfixes. have fun...



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