Quin | 2007-06-01 00:00
June 2007 Mapping Competition: "Capture Arena"

The mapping competition is under way, so get your 'E' key ready for some heavy lifting!

We're looking for some amazing capture maps that we can hopefully convince the Sauerbraten developers to include in the release. So come on, dazzle us with your mastery of geometry, finesse with lighting, and ingenuity with design.

Read on for the competition details. You will also want to read the Guidelines which apply to all competitions.


The jurors will evaluate all maps entered into the competition according to Scoring and Judging guidelines. If you would like to participate in the jury please contact Quin. This month the jury will be:

  • Quin
  • Drakas


The parameters highlight the goal of the competition, which counts towards the entrant's Achievement score. These must be followed, in addition to the General Rules contained in the Guidelines for all competitions.

The current Sauerbraten release is: Spring Edition.

  • The map theme is "Capture Arena", it can be any type of arena from any period of time, and be fictional or not.
  • The map may not be symmetrical in any way, except optionally the outline of the edge boundary (eg. the Colosseum had a symmetrical seating pattern surrounding the Arena, but of course it doesn't anymore).
  • The map must be large enough and able to accommodate for eight to ten players, but be small enough to allow four to six players to play comfortably on it.
  • The map must contain a minimum of three and a maximum of six bases (one of which must be located underwater), and be designed for capture, but playable in other game modes by adding at least one of each powerup (except the pistol) to the map.
  • The map config may optionally contain; a maximum of two additional detail textures (small textures used for outlines), and a maximum of two other textures (any type, one of which must be an 'autograss' variant of another texture used in the map), both sets of which must be picked from the textures included in the current Sauerbraten release.
  • The map config may optionally use 'mapmodelreset' and define new mapmodels with 'mmodel', which must be picked from the models included in the current Sauerbraten release.
  • The map config may also contain the following variables; fog, fogcolour, watercolour, waterfog, waterspec, grasswidth, grassheight

The config entrants must use for their map is:

// June 2007 Mapping Competition Entry
// 'Map Name' by Author

loadsky "skyboxes/morning" // The selected skybox may be modified


texture water "golgotha/water2.jpg" // The selected water texture may be modified
texture 1 "textures/waterfall.jpg" // The selected waterfall texture may be modified
texture 1 "textures/watern.jpg"
texture 1 "textures/waterdudv.jpg"

setshader stdworld
texture 0 "skyboxes/morning_bk.jpg" // The selected texture may be modified to match the skybox

exec "packages/aftas/package.cfg"
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