skiingpenguins | 2015-07-11 03:47


There have been a few changes made to Quadropolis today:

- Many stale users removed (screenshots below)
- HeWho is now a moderator + 2 stars
- Q009 now 3 stars
- Max file upload size now 16 megabytes
- Max image size now 1920x1080
- Captcha/textimage re-enabled
- User registrations opened to no admin approval needed

With the last two changes, it will now be easier to grow this site as there was a VERY long backlog of blocked-but-human users. Unfortunately, they did not get emailed that their accounts have been activated. Because of the no-admin registration, a few bots may get through. Moderators will need to manage this.

Best of luck.

Suicizer | 2014-04-12 12:10
feedback tag test
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This content is either filed in the wrong category or poorly formatted.

If your node is not in the right place, it makes it harder for others to find. A node also is a formal presentation of your work, and allows users to review your work before downloading. It is important your content is presented nicely if you would like people to review it and download it. Refer to the User's Guide for tips on how to fix this.

A node to test the feedback tags
Pyccna | 2014-04-09 23:00

Need an idea for Sauer content? Ask me via private message.

Need some nice features for your Sauer maps that you don't feel like doing? Contact me via private message.

Need a Sauer mapmodel you can't/don't want to make? Ask me via private message.

I'm doing this because I want to contribute in some form or another.

Dear user of Quadropolis,

Our website is frequently quite inactive which often is the blame of a policy performed by certain admins and moderators. There are a lot ideas which all have been listed on certain nodes, but they somehow never are really done (or never been finished). Click for an example right here or here.

That's why a new set of admins is upcoming, as most of the current ones which should be active are as inactive as the rest of the crowd. Therefore I would like to announce our newborn administrators:

- Mmeaninglesz
- Nyne
- Ardelico
- Chasester_aka_you
- Calinou

As our beloved team of moderators is doing such a great job also; let's add some more to that team:
- Windastella
- Death14
- Zaaikort
- Pyccna
- Greaserpirate

Let's hope those fresh baked administrators and moderators show some results soon.

Anonymous | 2013-01-07 16:10

At first...

As there doesn't seems to be any guide or what so ever of how or why to star a certain content, maybe it's about time to do so.
I'll focus on maps just because those are the most starred content on Quadropolis.

Questions before starring content

You can have certain reasons to star a certain content, but you should always keep this in mind first (in the very same order):
- Is the map really that good on every single point (as in theme, texturing, detailing, lighting, (and clipping, flow and gameplay as well if it's a gameplay-based map)?
- Is it truly better as the average content on Quadropolis?
- Is it containing a certain originality which it separates itself from other maps again (while still being balanced in other points!)?
- Is it really what we would like to see as example for other mappers?

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