Anonymous | 2013-01-07 16:10
[MOD] Starring content

At first...

As there doesn't seems to be any guide or what so ever of how or why to star a certain content, maybe it's about time to do so.
I'll focus on maps just because those are the most starred content on Quadropolis.

Questions before starring content

You can have certain reasons to star a certain content, but you should always keep this in mind first (in the very same order):
- Is the map really that good on every single point (as in theme, texturing, detailing, lighting, (and clipping, flow and gameplay as well if it's a gameplay-based map)?
- Is it truly better as the average content on Quadropolis?
- Is it containing a certain originality which it separates itself from other maps again (while still being balanced in other points!)?
- Is it really what we would like to see as example for other mappers?
- Is it receiving enough attention already compared to similar nodes (as in votes and comments)?

Why starring content?

The main reasons for starring content are:
- Showing off a certain standard within the Quadropolis community (as being an example which should be focused on for other mappers).
- Showing off to newcomers how maps within Sauerbraten could look like.
- Acting quickly on a certain event which occurs in a considerably small amount of time (as for certain polls. Starring content will put them on front top page).

As certain discussions in the past (for example, this certain node) led to this conclusion:
A good map is a balanced map and a balanced map can be an included or starred map
As moderators or administrators have no (or should not) control about which map should actually be included within Sauerbraten, I won't spend time on whenever a map should be included or not. That's up to our developers to judge. Yet we can control whether a map should be starred or not. That's why I advice to rather star a map which is balanced than having only certain specific points done well.

Certain tips before starring

Before starring maps, be sure a certain amount of people already have voted but also putted constructive comments on it. So not just comments which contain The map just looks good [period], as that's the worse comment you can receive. Why? Because it's an opinion of someone which isn't based on anything.
Also recommending it to be starred it better as starring it right away. Even a discussion on an IRC channel could be very useful.


If you still have no idea about the standards of inclusion, here it is.

If you still have trouble understanding the task of being a moderator, this may be useful.

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