Chaos | 2012-03-07 01:14
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Hi guys,
I am using sauerbraten on a debian system.
I notice that if launched by command line, sauer output all the in-game info, in "real time" to the terminal, something like:

you fragged player_1
player_2 stole enemy flag
player_3 fragged player_4
you been fragged by player_2

and much more.
But if I try to grep it, like:

$>sauerbraten | grep you

it won't do what expected!
Simply won't output nothing until i quit the game, then all the "grepped" infos came out together.
That was the first attempt to bash scripting the sauer output to show something cool (and maybe useful) on the second screen I have.
Seems that grep cannot process the sauer output stream one line a time, but I can't figure why.
Someone can help me undestand what's wrong and if possible to fix it?

wietdapp | 2012-03-01 15:03

Is there a way to play Sauerbraten in Single Player Cooperative mode? Like Quake 2, Unreal, Doom 3 with the LMS 4 mod. And does anyone know why SP Coop seems to be so unpopular?

Anonymous | 2012-02-29 05:51

Hi everyone!
I've been seeing some people talking about some users who have been cheating in sauerbraten. I personally saw a user flying (hacker) in my early sauerbraten days, and I didn't know it was not a normal thing.

Well, these hackers and cheaters are ruining the game for some of us. So, to stop this, I think if we had 3-5 sauerbraten moderators that could ban / kick from any server, then that would help the situation.
I know, some people value their "Master" power, but nobody goes on those servers normally.
Hope you agree!

CD Xbow | 2012-02-29 00:40

I noticed the discussion here about Humanity Pending and someone mentioned Proper Games had ported a game based on the Cube engine to Xbox Live. I think Flock games also had an Xbox game based on the cube engine. Does anyone know how they did this? I don't think MS provide openGl support on the Xbox at all, so I am guessing but they would have to either have to write a wrapper to intercept OpenGL(and SDL) and turn them in a DX9 functions, or they recoded all the OpenGL/SDL code in cube to use DirectX/direct draw libraries.

CD Xbow | 2012-02-28 12:38
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Tranzcoder | 2012-02-25 23:12
Fun and games at your local Motel 6, where we keep the ammo hot for you.
motel6.ZIP (1.27 MB)
Cicciobello | 2012-02-25 12:43

Last summer I asked you how to make a kill strike message; now I'll ask for something more difficult: rewards for kill strikes. I thought about rewards for 9, 18 and 27 kill strikes

For 9 kill strikes you get 10 rocket launcher ammo (I actually only need to know the variable, I can't find it)

For 18 kill strikes (this is difficult to make) the mapmodel of the helicopter (that one used in the map justice) flyes trough the map and shots a lot of grenades in all directions (I'm not crazy, it's just a raid)

For 27 kill strikes (this is even more difficult than the previous and also more noob) the helicopter fly around the map for 40 seconds and shots with the chaingun to other players

If you have any idea of how to make the second or the third kill strike reward please tell me (but do not waste time posting that I'm a crazy noob). For the first just tell me how the RL's ammo variable is called (I'm getting mad to look for it!)

A_W_O_L__ | 2012-02-24 16:23

ok so i had an idea because i was playing a map named zombie. it seemed to grab alot of attention. but playing it was a mess.
every 30 sec u were forcing bots to the evil team and it really was a pain.
so this is my idea and anybody willing to help is welcome.

ok i want to make a zombie mode cube script yes i know to make a true zombie mode u would have to edit the source code
but the more i think about it it is really simple
it needs to open a menu with 2 buttons and a check box

1. button 1 needs to say spawn team good
2. needs to say start count down
3. checkbox needs to enable the script

how its going to work

when the script is enabled it needs to do a team divide kinda like the clan war script bots all go to team evil
everyone else goes to team good.

everyone by defualt will be forced spec until the spawn team good button is pressd and when pressed it will unspec only the uninfected team
and when everyone is ready you press the count down button

then the script will say the countdown and when it says GO!!! then it makes like lets say 3 bots with low skill level lets say like 50 min 75 max.

and the script needs to keep track of who dies such as bot[1] is killed it needs to force spec the bot[1] or if lets say bot[2] kills joe
then joe needs to be forced spec.
and then if the good team kills all bots for that round then anyone that was killed in that round will be unspec for round 2
then for round 2 it will say round 2 and it will unspec all bots and add 1 more bot with a better skill.
and this will continue until the whole team dies

it fairly simple setup but im not a pro at cube script so im not sure if all of this will even work
just an idea i had and would like input.

CD Xbow | 2012-02-12 23:18
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