DaftDecker | 2015-10-18 22:13

Searched around and I couldn't find any tutorials on how to do it. Help would be appreciated.

Radigo | 2014-10-06 22:14
Blending Textures
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Can someone explain in detail how to blend textures to create smooth paths and whatnot? The editing reference was a bit vague

Hi Guys, Ive created a map for Suaer which I made a roof for it.. I want minimap show the area that place under the roof. How Do I Do That? Any Idea..? Another problem is that when I add bots for testing my map, they dont move(like Arbana map in insta mode).. sometimes when I touch them, they move/shoot & sometimes this trick doesnt work. How I Fix This Problem, Too?

Radigo | 2014-09-26 00:52
New Release
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As far as I know Collect edition was the newest update. Is there a newer version and if not, is another release in sight?

Fatality | 2014-06-27 22:09

I was wondering if anyone could help with some scripting. Pretty simple stuff really, or at least I think so, but I really know nothing about cubescript to make these myself.

1. If anyone could make something that hides all of the HUD (as with the /hidehud command) but without hiding the crosshair. Hidehud 1 hides everything including the crosshair, and I'm not sure why, but I would like to still see the crosshair when using this command. The only thing I could think of was a script with all the commands to hide everything seperately (like, consize 0, miniconsize 0, showfps 0, etc.) but I don't know how to make it a, uhhh, "toggle" bind?, where one key would turn these things both on and off.

2. A zoomscript. I don't like how when you zoom in in Sauer you see just the tip of your rifle, or whatever else you have equipped. Maybe this is my A.D.D., but it would be nice to have a command that simply just changes my FOV to something lower and then back, instead of the togglezoom command.

Anyone who could possibly make these, please let me know. I'm sure they are easy. Also feel free to share them, they don't have to be just for me. :)

Thanks in advance.

Zoocata | 2014-06-25 18:02

Everyone knows the demo control in Sauer is non-existent. In order to get to a certain point you have to /gamespeed 10000 all the way to it (unless these some command I don't know). I remember seeing a script or mod a while ago that had full demo control integrated but I can't find it anywhere. I may of been dreaming :P Can someone either find that script or tell me where I could find an alternative? Thanks.

I would like to convert some of my maps to tesseract, but for them to look nice, Tesseract needs more textures. It would be simple, of course, to just copy over textures from Sauerbraten for the maps. (as some have already done, it just makes the download file large)

However, my question from this is: Are there any textures in a Sauerbraten release that have licensing that only allows them to be used in Sauerbraten, not just the Cube 2 Engine in general?

Pyccna | 2014-05-04 02:54
Rants Thread
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 (4 votes)

Are you pissed off, annoyed, or otherwise irritated? Post your rant here rather than flooding other peoples' nodes with off-topic & useless arguments. These rants can be about anything you want; Cube-related or not.

1. Do not start an argument for the sole purpose of starting shit.
2. Do not submit derogatory posts using usernames, threads, or alluding to specific Quadropolis users or their content. (Instead of usernames use words like "some people" or "this guy I know", also don't give contact information)
3. Do not post anything that can damage another person's reputation.
4. Do not break any of Quadropolis' 10 Commandments
Posts that break these rules will be deleted.

Happy ranting!

windastella | 2014-03-08 04:51

Is it possible to load multiple animation into one animation slot in model.cfg? If it is how can we use it?
Maybe i'm asking question that i also didn't understand even a bit. But maybe like this...

iqmanim 'attack 1' attack.iqm //1
iqmanim 'attack 1' attack2.iqm //2

It didn't make sense to me also but i heard it is possible to load two animation into a slot... If it is possible to do this and how can we use it? possibility: use two different melee animation which change every time player attack.

windastella | 2014-01-30 08:57

Here is what I planned to do. I want to design an RPG style map and I planned to use mapmodel for the most of the house and structure but there seem to a problem. When a mapmodel was under the shadow of other after I calculate the lightmap, the mapmodel become completely dark or unlit. Is this a bug or the current limitation of the engine?

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