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Evilness Inside of You

I would like to present a capture the flag map, Evilness!
After spending over a year on this map (with a break at the 30-day-mapping challenge of course), I finally managed releasing this map to the public.

Content Information
The theme, well the map actually had several separate themes, since it contained 2 bases which carry both a gothic-like layout, while the centre of the map was a small town. But as some comments have given me some suggestions (which are quite logical), I deleted the "odd" looking town (sometimes a design can be improved by going back to one of it's earlier stages and build up from that position again).

The map has pretty much features which any (un)official maps don't have (from the custom shader on the teleports, till even the so called "jumpcurve").
When I started creating this map, I was convinced the flow and gameplay should stand above any other point, that's why I've spend most of the time on that.
It has several original parts in it, like the jumppad-curves to reach the flag, but also the teleport system from base to base and the geometry of the map.
It's designed to be played on any capture the flag mode, doesn't matter which. Every path from flag to flag takes between 10 and 15 seconds, if you wouldn't meet any opponent. After some previous updates, modes like deathmatch (not recommended though), capture or hold can be played as well. I would recommend the amount of players from 10 up to 18, since there are a lot of pickups spawning on the map, but getting camped on a playerstart isn't much to worry about either (since there are fairly enough of them, spread out in each base).
The gameplay is designed on such way that if you just have a bad aiming but like to sneak up opponents from behind or you're the type of player which has a clear mind and great aiming, there's fun for everyone.

Just travel trough the map a while and you'll definitely feel how much time and care has been spend in it. Feel free to leave a comment!

Since the screenshot isn't very clear to me (because of the low resolution allowed on quadropolis), here's a better view of the map.

Because the map contains a lot of custom textures and models, please notify me (like posting a comment on this content) which textures or model isn't getting loaded/looking odd.

License notifications
I would like to thank Yves Allaire for the great textures, Barry Collins for the Dissonance models and all people who commented about the map and/or gave me advices which leaded to this result.

Left to do
- Nothing else where I'm aware of, be sure to comment if you still think something should be improved!

12th of December 2012
- Replaced to teleports of each base for a cave, the quad-room has now 4 ways in and out.
- Tweaked the lighting on several places.
- Added more details like light-sources and such.

For other improvements in the past, see the change-log at attachments.

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