FREAK-w00t | 2020-01-23 12:57

Good morning, afternoon and good evening everyone.
I highly doubt anyone remembers me and that is just fine but I would like to take the time to commemorate a few things.
I feel as though this community that once thriving may be dead at this point but I still have so many memories.
I actively played this game like it was my life back in...middle school all the way through college. Every...Single...Day.
Here I am 28 years old, remembering every map/gamemode I have made.
From an absolutely MASSIVE landscape map, a gigantic (functional?) battleship, a couple of serious maps, a very popular massive slide race to a progressive competitive base building game I remember it all.
My friends who I played with have gone their separate ways from me and there is only 1 I still stay in contact with.
I cry knowing that I will never be able to have that nostalgic feeling of community building and friendship again in any online platform but I keep my head up.
I am now married, have a car (or 4), a house and 3 dogs living in Spain.
What a wild turn of events.
I hope that some of you are still out there...
I miss you guys...

TristamK | 2019-10-26 11:09

Cube 2 Sauerbraten News logo of group in VK| Новости Cube Engine логотип группы



Уже долгое время в "Вконтакте" существует группа, посвященная активному и всестороннему освящению новостей касающихся Cube 2 Sauerbraten и движку Cube и его форкам в частности.

Собственно говоря, эта тема появилась тут, что бы объявить, что Мы все еще активны и все еще активно публикуем новости, после небольшого "ребрендига"(:D). У нас выходит по 3 новых поста каждую неделю, и мы стараемся делать контент как можно более разнообразным.

TristamK | 2018-02-13 11:00

International Sauer Mapping Community


What is ISMC ?
If you are looking for a friendly place with people who are keen as well as you in creating content for cube 2 sauerbraten - then you came to the right place.
If you have a question about the cube engine - then you are again in the right place.
If you are a just cube 2 player and are looking for a friends - you can also find these people here.
We aren't a clan. We are the unification of people with the same interests who simply came together in one place. We accept all people regardless of their clan or skill level. We will take you to us even if you are a reptile from the planet BB12 or if you are moving in a huge metal cube over space in order to exterminate all people. In fact, you can find your place here even if you are a fan of Sailor Moon. (Although I'm not sure about you)

Based on a conversation with a college professor (who has made abstract artwork by exporting Minecraft maps to 3D editors) I would like to try the same thing with Cube 2 maps. Is this at all possible? I don't care about texturinging, just getting geometry as an .obj file or something.

Zoocata | 2015-08-20 16:14

Our beloved and holy Commandments of Quadropolis have been looked over considerably over the past few years. I understand that they're super old and outdated (and therefore defunct) but with the recent surge of gimmick maps and half-assed content, I feel as if our admins should review and republish them.

Here are my suggested changes:

*** "[" and "]" will represent strikethroughs as that is not a supported HTML tag. ***

I: Thou shall not infringe on copyrights.
II: Thou shall not make gimmick maps.
III: Thou shall not post a map that took less than [12] 7 hours to complete on Quadropolis.

kddekadenz | 2015-08-07 12:57

I just found a glitch by circumstance.
If you put "edittoggle" in your map cfg, so that it is executed when the map is loaded, you can't die.
You also can't pick up ammo.

It seems that it makes you be somewhere in between normal and edit-mode for the engine.
Fun to fool around with c:

Jorge | 2015-07-04 18:37

For months when I clicked my bookmark for Quadropolis, it gave me a DNS error.
In the first weeks I thought "Oh well, their server problems got more severe".
Then I thought "Seems like they shut it down. Wonder why it happened so quickly".
After some months I've been wondering why there is no discussion on
Now I googled and voila, you're still there. Just is gone.

Having been on the interwebz for about 2 decades, I could imagine a few others being as stupid as me. So you might wanna do some forwarding of It might get you back a user or three.

FREAK-w00t | 2015-02-27 00:55

It's almost doubtful that any of you know me or remember me.
If you do, then that is quite exciting for me!
I miss this game and all the guys I met through this.
Had my own stupid little click of people.
I've grown up so much since I originally started playing this back when only Cube 1 was around.
I would be on that for hours on end every single day.
Come back form school just to jump on and make maps with people and waste time.
I just want to shoutout to everyone, and tell anyone who I may have met way back when, that I miss you guys.
I'm going on 23 now, in the service (USN) and have changed almost too much.
If I had a reason to jump back into this scene of things, I'm sure as hell will - it's just a matter of finding some people to play with.
I'm sure all of my friends who I did meet are long all of my maps that I spent hours making.
It's truly quite depressing.
But there is always time to start again.
Cheers! Hope to play with you guys sometime :)

Nixot | 2015-01-12 20:17
To anyone who knew me in 2009
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 (3 votes)

I've just gone through all my posts on quadropolis and the cube forums and I feel it necessary to say...

if you knew me from then and were unfortunate enough to come across ANY of my posts... I owe you my absolute sincerest apologies for my astronomical stupidity, and am deeply sorry for any damage to your brain I may have caused from reading them.

That is all. Thank you for reading.

skiingpenguins | 2014-11-30 23:44
recent maintenance.
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changed cache time from 30 minutes to 3 hours, due to google crawler causing extreme amounts of taxonomy errors. hopefully, this will tell the crawler not to crawl so often to broken pages. since this is not D7 like cubeclans, i can't even set the correct setting for that. lame-oooooo. note: unfortunately caching only happens for non-logged in users.

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