Fatality | 2014-09-03 23:36
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A small ctf map

--- Edit 9/1/15 ---
- Small layout change. Pickup changes. Changed custom "sheik" cell textures back to original Meister "Hex" textures.

--------Edit 12/27/15--------

-Updated map

--------Edit 2/5/2015--------

It has been a while since I posted anything on this map, as it was seemingly done. Of course that is never the case, so I have been hard at work again on this child of mine. Attached here (pandora_update3.zip) is the newest version. I think I can say it is (really) finished this time. I don't think any further updates will be made, or any other suggestions added. Instead, go and play the final product!

To make it compatible with the Inexor project, I had to replace two textures with ones I created on my own; they are included in the zip, so be sure to put them in the right places.

-------Original Post--------

This is a CTF map I have been working on. It includes flags, pickups, and bases for capture modes.

IMPORTANT: The map requires Yves Allaire's "eX" Texture pack, which can be found here: www.quadropolis.us/node/2792. If you need help figuring out where to put the textures, please refer to the guide I wrote up on the sauerworld post: http://sauerworld.org/forum/index.php?topic=32.0

Theme: A laboratory that has managed to open Pandora's Box, only to unleash all hell and leave the area vacant.

Thanks to:
- Yves Allaire for the textures.
- Pyccna, for his help again with much of the geometry, lighting, details, and the lava texture.
- rabe, for advice on lighting and texturing, which were used on this map.
- Doko, for advice and tips in game on geometry and details.
- Skur, for general advice on the map.
- Savanha, feedback on the flow and layout.
- Frosty, for spending countless hours on the map as I edited, giving suggestions.
- Everyone else who helped in anyway, through suggestions, advice, or testing.

Still to do:
- Fix some texturing
- Fix exterior clipping
- Fix some bugs
- Improve lighting
- Find better roof lighting (instead of spamming the same light fixtures)
- Improve on geometry and detailing
- Overall polish of the map

Update #1 9/9/2014:

- Changed half of the map's lighting to a shade of purple to differentiate between bases.
- Remodeled side rooms for better flow and appearance, also moved green armour into them.
- Extended center of map for longer flagruns and more room overall.
- Got rid of the laggy particle and added new ones as suggested by Pyccna (though I changed them from your suggestion just a bit).
- Deleted the teleports
- A bit more interesting geometry/details.
- Fixed .cfg problem for people who weren't seeing the lava texture.
- Added health boost. Some people will complain about this, but I do these things to set my maps apart :). If you really want the health boost, you need to jump into the lava after getting it, so it keeps people from, dare i say, whoring it. You would be smart to wait until you are seriously weak already.

Update #2 9/22/2014:

- Probably too much to remember.
- Completed to-do list.
- Made some changes to the layout.
- Made some changes to geometry.
- Made some changes to details.
- Replaced item spawns and playerstarts.
- Created waypoints.

Update #3 2/5/2015:

- Re-textured entire map with the 512x512 version of the Yves Allaire eX textures.
- Added a short wall along the side routes to give a little more cover to the middle/lower bridge.
- Added two cat-walks from the lower bridge to the upper levels for more possibilities in navigation.
- Re-worked the side armour rooms with a slightly more interesting layout, including a redesigned ramp and small pool with jump-able computers.
- Got rid of the spammy floor-grate pipe line thing in the bases.
- Filled the the open-sky pits with lava to match the middle.
- Added various boxes to keep the flow more interesting.
- Changed the jumppads to push you straight up, with no horizontal push.
- Changed the particle to something more minimalistic.
- Completely redid the item spawns and playerstarts, and switched the quad and healthboost. The quaddamage is now essentially useless, as it should be on such a small map.
- Added base names.
- Replaced two textures which were non-commercially licensed to allow compatibility with the Inexor project.
- Added a "pandora.txt" readme.
- Updated the map's .cfg and waypoints.

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