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Interview: Bigfootzz (Revelade Revolution)
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Interview with Developer of Revelade Revolution: Bigfootzz.

Hey guys, recently I have been assigned as an interviewer to hopefully shed some light back upon quadropolis. This is my first interview, hope you enjoy! I tried to keep it brief so it won’t take too long to read. For those of you who don’t know who Bigfootzz is, he is one of the developers of another CubeEngine game named ‘Revelade Revolution’. If you could take the time to read this, I’m sure it would be much appreciated. If you wish to contact the Revelade Revolution crew, you can find them at #Reveladerevolution @ or contact them at their website:

How long have you been involved in the CubeEngine community?

I started in the Cube engine community about two months or so before I started Revelade Revolution and we have been developing it for at least 2 years.

For the people who haven't heard of your project yet, give a brief summary of what it is.

Revelade Revolution is an open-source First Person Shooter (FPS).
The game features fast-paced gameplay in both multiplayer and single player modes.
Players are faced against swarms of zombies who have recently overtaken the city and are slowly spreading across the world.
Join up with other survivors as you battle not only zombies but other survivors looking to take the little resources you have.

Who is involved?

We have lots of people on our team, I am the project manager, killme is our lead coder, TheAssassin is our server admin, crapimdead and Snipergoth are our mappers.
We also have Windastella, A_W_O_L_ and Snipergoth as our modelers and TimoV as our music and sound effects person.

Where can people contact you and check any progress being made on the game?

They can visit our site at there are links to our Desura page there as well.
They should also check out our IRC channel at irc://
That's where the real magic happens.

When did you start to develop Revelade Revolution and when will you plan on releasing it?

We started development of the game about 2 years ago, currently it is in alpha but it is mostly stable and playable for sure.
I am not sure how soon it will be until it is out of alpha as we do plan on adding some more major features for the next alpha releases before we can go to beta.
We don't have fixed release dates since our coders are all volunteers and thus aren't available for coding all day, but we usually try to release as soon as the situation allows us to do so.

How is the project coming along?

The project is coming along great.
The next Revelade Revolution release will include a lot of bug fixes as well as new models.
With the increase in interest in the game we have been working very actively over the last few months.

Do you need help with anything in particular that someone on quadropolis could assist you with?

Yes, the most important task to accomplish is getting new maps for the game. The ones that are included at the moment are just a temporary solution.
But really any help from the community is appreciated.

What/Who inspired you to develop Revelade Revolution?

I've always loved video games and always wanted to make one.
Once I found Sauerbraten I decided it was time to try it.

Have you come across many complications in the development of Revelade Revolution?

Yes. one of the complications for our team, besides effectively working together as a team, was getting the game to work across all major platforms.
Currently we support Microsoft Windows and Linux, but we've been working on Mac OS X support for a few weeks now.
We still have to finish our automated build system to build Mac OS X versions, too, before we can create release tarballs for this operating system.

What will be unique inside of Revelade Revolution that isn't already apart of another Cube Engine game?

There are a lot of stuff we have added that other Cube engine games don't have.
For example, we have a class based system (similar to TF2), we have controller support built into the game and we are working on integrating clan related stuff such as clan war support or global text chat into the actual game.

What have you and your developers got in mind once you finish RR?

We'd like to have a feature rich, player oriented shooter played by a large community.
The people shall enjoy playing Revelade Revolution, that's why we appreciate suggestions by them.

Do you have any other projects?

We are currently helping another developer with his game called Grim Quest.
It is a point and click style RPG.
We have also recently taken over development of MekArcade, a game that was originally planned to be an expansion of Red Eclipse, that will now be recreated from scratch in our new engine (a fork of tesseract).
We also have plans for an MMORPG called Broken Shield but that is a way off at this point.

Is there a stable version of RR available for download?

The game is very stable, you can get a download link on the project's website
There you can find a link to our Desura page as well a link to our Sourceforge project.

Thanks a lot Bigfootzz and the rest of theintercooler members for their contribution.


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