Suicizer | 2013-12-23 21:42
Temple of Lost Souls
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A Deathmatch Tournament Map

After starting the project back on the 20th February 2013, it took quite a while to get this map ready for release. I've tried to get the best results in layout, gameplay, flow, details, texturing and lighting while not redoing most things.

The map is designed to play duels with persons that think a bit while navigating as well. If that's a skill which you lack, playing it against up to 8 players in Instantgib or 2 on 2 in Teamplay would suit you a lot more.
The key of this map is to control the centre. Although the map looks closed due walls blocking your vision, you can predict quite accurate from which doorway you'll opponent will appear after you ran the map for a second time. However, there's a shortcut to each of the outer rooms to avoid the centre.
Because of this rather closed approach on a layout, you don't particullary need a high accuracy, rather some sense instead.

Newcomers should feel home so too (even in Free For All), as you can recover health and grab some armour at each side of map, while the opponent tries to launch some explosives in the room for return.

Bots should play quite well. I couldn't find any major problems as like not reaching the armours, not getting certain pickups, just standing still at a certain playerstart, etc.
The map contains 3 bases, to experiment with Hold and Capture a bit. Should be quite fun to try out.
It has been PVS culled for maximum performance on all hardware, so even one of the most crappy laptops should be able to render it.

I've tried to sketch a dry egyptic ruined theme. It's up to you if this is actually performed...

Feel free to leave a comment, but be sure to check out the map first.

Side Notes
This map requires the Soc's Egyptian Texture Pack to load correctly. I won't include the textures within this map as the license won't let me do so (I rather not release the map under GPL version 2 or any later version as the license permits so).
The link to the original content is right here.

I would like to thank Simon O'Callaghan for the textures and Razgriz for creating some accurate configuration-file (which of the map is based on).

- Add more details so it looks (even) more ruined.
- Tweak the texturing a little bit.
- Tweak the fog(dome).
- Tweak the lighting.
- Include the custom textures within the map itself.
- Update the screenshot.

2th of January 2014
- Added more broken details (as like missing bricks) to the lower floor.
- Made a gab in the curved wall between the YA platform and the centre of the map for more overview.
- Lowered the upper gab between the centre and the catwalk. You can reach the other side of the map by some low skilled trickjumping in an immense short time.
- Added a plank from the catwalk to the platform which is connected to the spiral staircase, for a better flow (and it's quite a nice detail, isn't it?)
- Did nothing towards the lighting or fog, it feels right to me. If you share an other opinion, feel free to share your parameters.
- Changed the weapon placement a bit; 1 box of grenades has been replaced for some riflerounds and some grenades and shells has been switched.
- Reduced the mapsounds drastically, they shouldn't be that loud anymore.
- Licensed the node as GPLv3 now. If you dare to use anything without giving any credit (as well as modified versions), you will get crushed by one of the bricks in this arena. (483.4 KB)
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