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According to the last email I've send all admins/moderators, I'm planning to let every admin, moderator or user choose a certain service to focus on.
The reason for this is as Quadropolis is being maintained by only 2 á 3 persons, while a lot of ideas, suggestions and things which actually were once planned to do are being pushed further towards another date.
As this situation won't last forever (admins/moderators tend to 'burn up' after a certain period of high activity and leave Quadropolis for good or only appear about once each month), I'm trying to get the team of admins and moderators more focused on certain goals (which can't be reached in the way it goes around like now).

As a lot of admins and moderators didn't reply to this Forum Topic, neither to any email I've send about this, I've decided to give the public the chance to rise up as a worthy admin or moderator (which greatly depends on the task, your skill and quite a bit on your past).

As it eventually is the meaning to get a proper running Quadropolis with a team of dedicated and reliable admins/moderators (towards each other), I've listed certain 'key-ranks':

- Website Host * Just host the freaking website and keep it in the air. - Coder (you should know how javascript and php works) - Debug. - Improve the mechanics of the website. - Add more control on blocks itself; like letting users (partly) decide what nodes appear in the recent content block). - Create an Admin/Moderator Forum. - Add more options to the profile of the user (like a rewarded title, improved tracking list, etc). - Vanish the errors/warnings on certain lines within a certain page in the admin logs. - Organizer - Gets (all kind of) events, polls, (forum) discussions on track. - Public Host - Provide supportive comments towards other users. Your face mirrors the community of Quadropolis and vice versa. - Maintainer * Keeps important nodes, pages and lists up to date. - Userlist * Activate accounts which truly are human, send them a notification that they have been activated. - Guides * Update them so they provide the correct information again and if possible, make it more simple and logical. - Packaging Guide - User Guide - Mapping Guide - Scripting Guide - Modding Guide - Fragging Guide - Modeling Guide - Menu Items * Like doing New Content and Highly Rated pages right (this time). - Announcer * Actually the 'informer'. - Find bugs. - Bring up ideas and/or suggestions on certain problems. - Publish news. * Keep the news about games and changes within Quadropolis updated for users. - Quadropolis - Sauerbraten - Red Eclipse - Assault Cube - Tesseract - Reporter * Interviews players, mappers, coders and clan leaders. - Server Host * Advertises Quadropolis to the community again by using a server. - Sauerbraten - Red Eclipse (Skiingpenguins is working on it) - Assault Cube? - Tesseract? - Artist * Improves the quality of the looks of Quadropolis. - Create Icons. - The actual icon of Quadropolis. - Icons within pages like the admin log, ranks, moderation queue, etc.

The tasks arranged so far on individuals;

- Website Host - Kz1 - Coder - Kz1 - Organizer - Suicizer - Public Host - Everyone which tend to be a little bit active fulfills this role when providing supportive comments towards other users. Your face mirrors the community of Quadropolis and vice versa. - Maintainer - Q009 volunteered for this, although with some help. - Announcer - Everyone which still has some spare time left to be a public host. However, publishing news from certain games, events, etc is way different than bringing up certain ideas or suggestions on a certain problem. - Reporter - Death14 has raised his hand to try this task. - Server Host - No one yet. Although Skiingpenguins is attempting for Red Eclipse. - Artist - Q009 so far (although he wishes some help as well). Some others attempted as well but actually never kept going.

Do not fear a name behind a certain 'role'. It's better to have 2 persons working on the same task than 1 as both can fall back on each other.
If you have thought about any more tasks or want to volunteer for a certain task, just leave a comment. Questions won't be ignored as well.

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