Single Player Mapping Challenge 2013 - Ended

Have you got the spirit of a hardcore mapper and know what it takes to make a singleplayer map?
Then sign up for the challenge and start mapping on the 10th of June at 0:00 GMT!

Signing up

To participate, copy and paste this template into a comment:

Name of participant(s)*: Blah
Mapping Ability*: Newcomer/Experienced/Expert
Theme(s): What ever you feel like
Size: 12 or smaller
Preview storyline:* In a far far universe, but not that far from ours...

*This field is required for signing up and can't be "blank".

Some thing you should know about signing up:

  • You are allowed to sign up till the 9th of June 0:00 GMT. Any entries which sign in after that date are still allowed to do so until the 1st of July.
  • The challenge starts on the 10th of June at 0:00 GMT and ends on the 1st 29th of September 0:00 GMT.
  • You can sign up as a team with a maximum of 2 persons in a team.
  • The field Mapping Ability can change during the challenge or in the end for anyone which signs up. The reason it actually exist is to give newcomers a chance also, instead of always the same persons which are taking the lead.
  • Yet another point about the Mapping Ability; If you just joined the Quadropolis community, consider yourself as a newcomer. If you know Quadropolis quiet well and even have a map within the release of Sauerbraten, consider yourself as expert. If both of them don't apply; consider yourself as experienced.
  • The preview storyline only has to be about 3 sentences and should not reveal the end of the story (of course).


If you have signed up, then the next step arrived; participation. As you need a node to work on, please use this template for your map's title (this is to recognize it is participating for the challenge):
Title: SPMC: name_of_map
Blurb: A participation of the Single Player Mapping Challenge
Game: Sauerbraten
Game Mode(s): Singleplayer
License: Anything else except other license or various licenses (unless you actually have added so)


Everything which can be considered as guide-lines while participating is provided beneath this header.

  • Only 2 participants per team are allowed and should participate only once.
  • The map should have a storyline which makes you start at a specific area and end at another.
  • The map shouldn't be bigger as mapsize 12.
  • There shouldn't be more than 250 monsters around.
  • The node should contain a full story line (this rather is a rule also).
  • Everything should be presented on just 1 map.
  • The map shouldn't contain more as 150k of wtr and shouldn't be bigger as 8 Megabyte in file-size (the .ogz-file).
  • Only the votes of other participants count on your node, as only participants know the whole story.
  • The winner(s) of the challenge earns to have their node starred on Quadropolis and maybe even something else also!
  • You are allowed to make preparations for mapping already (like picking textureset, setting up a config-file with scripts, etc), but you are not allowed to map until it is the 10th of June. This actually can't be controlled, so let's relay on trust, shall we?
  • You are allowed to attach any other content to your node, as long as it's not in the same zip-file as your participation map and is relevant to the node. You still should notify so when attaching anything to your node of participation.


As every mapping challenge requires some reminders and boundaries, the next rules are legit for this challenge.

General Rules

  • Do not plagiarize. All work submitted must be your own.
  • Do not create inappropriate content within your submission.
  • Do not edit another entrant's submission, or have anybody else edit you own entry. The only person who can edit your map is you, or a team member if you are on a team.
  • Copying content from existing maps is not permitted or tolerated, unless it's configuration-based content (as texture settings, scripts, etc).
  • Only participate for 1 challenge at the time, unless it's a personal challenge (which you should announce at signing up).
  • Custom textures and models are allowed, as long as the license is permitting so.
  • If custom textures or models are used that are not made by you, the entrant, a text file containing the proper licensing is required indicating permission of use (This is a non profit organization, everything is free to distribute, blah blah blah).
  • If a person has entered Solo, another person MAY join that person to form a team of two. Their entry post must be modified to suit (both their names and a team name if applicable).
  • Some think that credit for the map may be given to the other team-mate where it is not due, but keep in mind that it is the First member who allowed the other to join him or her.
  • Use your common sense. If there is something you are absolutely unsure about, or things that you don't think are allowed but not stated, then ask here.

Content-based Rules

  • Make your very own node to participate before the 1st of July.
  • The map should be packaged with the guidelines of the Packaging Guide.
  • The story-line should be provided on your node, not within the map.
  • The map should have a flowing layout (as in bumping against walls and ceilings frequently is not allowed), without a lot of interruptions of the story line.
  • You should show any progress (by posting another screenshot, changelog and update of your map) at the end of each week (which is on 17th and 24th of June, the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th and the 29th of July, etc).
  • The map should be in it's Stable release status at end of the challenge (so nearly finished).
  • The content on the node should contain at least:
    1. .ogz-file (the actual map)
    2. .jpg-file (a screenshot)
    3. .cfg-file (a configuration-file for all scripts and triggers)

Voting Period

After the 1st of October there will be 2 weeks of voting which map will be actually the best. This means:
Post your map on 30th of September or the 1st of October!

There are several requirements for participating the voting period:

  • You should have signed up for participation of this event.
  • You should have an own node which displays your participation.
  • You and your cooperative team-mate are both agreeing with the same rate which you give to a certain node (only 1 vote counts per team).

There are several requirements for the actual voting:

  • Each node is being rated individually (not just 1 which is best and the rest of the participations don't matter).
  • Each node receives a different rating than other nodes which you've rated (you can't rate 2 nodes with the same number, like giving them both an 8 for example).
  • If you've been disqualified during the challenge, your vote isn't legit as well.
  • If you won't vote, then your node isn't in for participation either which means you will be disqualified.

After the 13th of October, the results will be published on an individual page which displays the top 3 nodes with of course, a special place for the winner.

During Voting Period

When the challenge has ended and you've uploaded your map on your node you are free to do the next couple of things (which are related to this challenge):

  • Vote on other participating nodes (duh).
  • Provide feedback on other participating nodes.
  • Improve your map from feedback of other mappers which comment on your node.

Keep in mind that editing during this period shouldn't be seen as extra time to finish up your map as people should be able to download and rate your map at the very first week of the voting period.


As Singleplayer requires a lot of scripting and most mappers aren't quite good at this, I'll just include some links on this node.


Questions and discussion on this thread are not preferred. You rather take contact by mail ( or use IRC instead (I'm often on #sauerbraten).

I wish you good luck and some fine mapping!

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