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An average sized FFA map.

Alithia, a project I started a long time back.

I'd never really gotten around to working on this map until recently; it had sat for almost a year untouched, it is finally finished and here I present it.

I sculpted this map around my own play style, which involves lots of rifle and rocket jumping and a love for taller, more vertical maps. I hope others can enjoy it.

I recommend playing with 6 to 12 players. Not bots, but genuine people.

Added way-points.
Added bases.
Fixed various texture and geometry errors.
Fixed clipping errors.

-Update- 12/2/22
Added detailing to the back wall.
Added some minor detailing to break up the openness of some walls.
Fixed clipping errors.
Raised death material so it doesn't take so long to die after falling.

-Update- 12/2/23
Further additions to aid the theme of the map and remove the large empty walls.
- Windows
- New trimming around windows
- New square tiles on the sides of certain walkways
Generated PVS, just because I can.

-Update- 12/2/25
Added a window on an intermediate level facing the yellow armor.
Increased the size of the window in room near curved jump-pad.
Removed purple edge along two walls, and added appropriate trimming on the floor in those areas.
Fixed numerous clip issue.
Fixed geometry issue around one torch.
Changed the area where the health boost is located to allow for a different entry/exit route. Still requires a rocket or grenade jump.
Added trim to the upper edges of the walls around the central area to solidify the appearance of the walls.
Removed part of the bridge on the side of the map near the Yellow Armor and added an arch to allow a better view.
Added detailing to the area around the short jump-pad protruding out the front of the map.
Included the proper config.
Did a few other things that I cannot recall.

-Updated- 12/3/04
Worked for a solid six hours to get everything adjusted. Most of the changes were very small things that I'd already overlooked countless times. ( I'm quite surprised suicizer didn't point them out )
I already typed out all the updates I did but my browser decided to be nice and wipe all my progress. So just for that, I will keep the list short.
Changed the map image.
New waypoints.
Tons of clipping, geometry, and texture changes.
Generated PVS. ( in under 26 seconds )
Adjusted lighting and light precision.
Adjusted various pickups.
Found my keys.
Declared the map is complete.

-Update- 12/3/04
Skytextured the outside of the envmap room
Fixed three more clipping errors

-DONE- :) (3.6 MB)
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