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Sauerbraten Updates Wishlist
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Ok, so basically, this new node is about grouping together people's requests and expectations of the new version. Those may include fixes, additions, feature tweaks or outright removal of content, for whatever reason. All you have to do is keep it logical, and the idea will be added to the board along with a reason as to why it should be done.

If any one you has a question about a specific entry, ask directly. Just make sure the same thing has not been answered before to avoid clutter.

Graphical Adjustments

  • A fix for the selection gridlines appearing over game menus. Really annoying when browsing textures.
  • [UNLIKELY] Better alpha material support which allows for consecutive alpha elements to be seen behind each other instead of disappearing altogether.
  • Better fog execution that makes transitioning from arid to condensed smoothly and less block-like. In simpler words, the fog shouldn't rotate when the player turns, and the smoothness should be configurable.
  • The fog should hide the geometry backed on the skybox in the distance instead of just fade it with the fog color.
  • A fix for the water caustics appearing on geometry that isn't in contact with the water material (or anywhere near it) when the player is in the water.
  • A fix for the materials always being above generated grass, resulting in weird results.
  • [UNLIKELY] A fix for the water randomly tearing apart when in contact with the skybox edges.
  • [UNLIKELY] A fix for the skybox's lower part tearing apart when a viewer is off the map's limits.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • [DONE] Allowing the teamkiller to pick up the flag. Accidents happen, especially in efficiency.
  • Return the flag to the base when it hits the bottom of the map or enters gameclip (by falling in it).
  • Base the scoring of efficiency gamemodes on damage dealt (minus the damage done to teammates) to enemies rather than frags to compensate for unfair scoring. Doing so will make people more competitive so as to deal as much damage as possible, engaging in group tactics more often (or exploiting AOE weapons even more than before).

Editor Adjustments

  • [UNLIKELY] Ability to bend materials the same way geometry is bent. That will desire a lot of rewiring since editing materials will have to be done outside the geometry's world.
  • [UNLIKELY] Multiple editing planes? There are cases that some things just can't be created with the octree, but if two different things are combined together on the same space, unique shapes can be formed without hacking cube corners around.
  • Separation of rotation and flip commands to allow both rotation and flipping of textures instead of just one of the two (see vrotate).
  • [DONE] Ability to specify jumppad/teleport etc sounds in map configs for added variety.
  • [UNLIKELY] New material named Damage that allows for customization through vdamage. The material should at least have the option to define the damage to be dealt within a second, transitioning smoothly and using a continuous damage screen with no damage compass.
  • Full 3D rotation support for models in real-time. What more can one say about it?

Cubescript Related

  • Hover support. Addition of commands 'onhover' and 'onhoveronce' to allow for cubescript to be executed continuously or once when the cursor hovers over GUI items that can be interacted with, like buttons and radios.
  • [DONE] More global variables. For example $recdemo and $recmov.


  • Game updater to avoid the need to redownload the whole game and reinstall each time a "version" is out. People will be able to play with the latest sets of updates and participate in beta packages if they want to.
  • More crosshairs of higher quality.
  • [DONE] Server-side option to allow or disallow dealing damage to teammates
  • More demo control functions.
  • Addition of more game soundtracks. 8 tracks repeating randomly all the time really get boring after some time.
  • [DONE] Replacement of the gun sounds with newer ones.
  • [LIKELY] Replacement of the announcer voice with a better one.
  • Underwater sound effects for swimming, gunfire and ambience.
  • Addition of a special underwater screen, similar to the damage screen, along with a screen blur to simulate the environment better.


  • [DONE] Ability to sort the server on the server browser at will and perhaps the ability to disable their "constant updating".
  • Personal Messages would be nice. Perhaps specifying multiple people would be a good idea as well.
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