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December Holiday Detailing Contest ( Contest Has Ended )
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Schools Out - Holiday Detailing Contest

Contest Has Ended

Click here to vote for your favorite map of the final five.

Happy children running amok.

Contest Forum

About the contest:

This is a contest done solo, or in teams of two. Look at general Rules under the rules category for more details. You will be taking a template map and transforming it into a masterpiece. Contestants will have seven days, starting on the 22nd of December, and ending at midnight, on the 29th of December EST (eastern standard time, UTC-5). At that time, all the threads will be locked and a poll will start. You may rate your own map but your vote WILL be discounted. The map with the most votes will be deemed the winner. Bragging rights will be all yours, and maybe a little bit more. ;)


You will be required to start from a template map which will be released here upon the starting date of the contest.
This layout must be used for the contest, and the color rules given must be abided.
Any drastic change to the layout is forbidden and will lead to disqualification.
All works must be completed and submitted before midnight on the final day of the contest. The board will be locked after that time.
Entrants may either work solo, or in teams of two people. Any more than two will result in disqualification.


You may enter any time during the contest, but you must submit your name before you begin work. You must create an entry under the Entry & Submission Board. Your entry post must be properly formatted as shown in the How To Enter sticky thread.
To submit your map, you will need to attach an image to your entry post prior the end of the contest, and a link to the map. Look for the modify button!
Use the hyperlink button provided (the globe with a file icon) and the picture button (the icon of a picture) to set up a link and attach an image. Mediafire is a preferable upload site. The forum supports attachments, but none larger than 1024KB.

Example: [url][/url] and [img]image-url[/img]

What you have to do:

What you make from the template is up to you, so long as the general layout remains intact.
You may detail to your heart's content, to any theme you wish. Your final entry should be complete, with finished geometry, texturing, and lighting.
Contestants are more or less limited to textures and models included with Sauerbraten with the minor exceptions of a small number of theme specific textures. Custom content as a whole should be avoided for this contest, but a very small amount of theme specific items are allowed; or one or two theme specific textures, for example. Custom skyboxes are allowed.
For the most part, we would like to see what you can do with what you have, but don't want to limit your creativity if something is absolutely needed.

Final Notes:

If you intend on participating, go ahead and make an Entry post. It does not hurt to throw your name in before it starts.
The template map will be released on the day of the contest. You will have 7 days to work on your entry.
If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask in the Questions Thread

Final entries will be judged and the top five will be picked. A post containing images of the top maps and download links will be made at the end of the contest, with a poll for rating each one.

Have fun!


For those who do not want to, or cannot make an account on the contest forum, you can email your entry and final submission to:

I will transfer all necessary information to the forum personally.

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