zombie-apocalypse | 2015-12-31 22:15
The Lost Chapters
tales of the past! :D

before this turbulent year comes to a pass, I wanted to share some great old memories, to good to be forgotten.
2 big maps are among them, one of which is a brandnew zombie-map, on the brink of total MMO invasion!!
Once more, all were free for everyone to join and utter newbies mapped next to the very best! :D
And who knows, maybe they will again, someday? =)

but for now, let's just call them:


(about in order of appearance)

Abandoned City


The crews training-city. A fast paced intermezzo of a mess with a be-your-own-high-speed-train o.O (broken since collect =/). Zades train was built here and it had a train-by-diner. train train. :D No spec and no editmute, go figure... xD
Latest version is lost, would be nice if someone had it! :D

The Green Hell


A fun, ugly interlude to our coop sessions. No map drew more people with /sendto all and -~+. reverting to last backup! xD +~-

Mountain Ville


Spy-HQ, first-class villa, future cube-corp equipment and a criminal vibe all over the place. Need I say more? :D

Your Farm!


The name says all: Your a farm in this one!! xOOO

Zombie Apocalypse - Chapter III : The Creepy Killinggrounds


A lot can be said about ZACK. Most of all, he's a terrific guy. Many of the best mappers out there still didn't hold back bending him in every which direction, though. o.O
(10 employers leading 10 workers each was the idea. The layout is mostly done, and ZACK certainly deserves a node of his own... but will he ever?! DUNN DUNN DUNNNN)



Trying to rebuild the Diablo 1 village as 1:1 as possible O.o By a very laborious Fe (99%) & a rather tired cat (0,5%, most of which amounted to inhabiting the nacho chair and/or overseer-tower! :D). My apologies... =/ Oh yeah, and the infamous AK 47-vehementi was born here! (by Snowy!) :D

Untitled Prison Map


Far out in the ocean lies a high security prison, for the worst mapping criminals unable to map in /gridpower 5 and bigger!
Well actually, they're the ones mapping on sunny detail island while the poor cats have to slave away in unbearable heat, in the middle of the ocean. -.-
Anyway... xD Add 80 inmates, 20 guards, very few space and you got yourself the newest layout of the zombie-crew.
But behold! Democracy! The plan was to have a vote-island to vote for name, tagline, prison- and guard-tower models, and so on, by everyone who participated. Naming suggestions so far are:
- Alcatraz Island (no tagline)
- Jailbroke: dedicated to all in, and afraid of, prison. In whatever form, fear or flavor it may come.
- TheAlwaysUnifnishedPrison: welcome to this prison, in which will never be fully developed.

Castello del spooky di mare!


Or something like that. My french isn't what it used to be. O.o Something about a wiener schnitzel or something. Don't ask me!! xOO



Another disastrous attempt in forcing people to want to map in /gridpower 5+ to spawn more and better layouts for unlaggy 100+ player MMO maps! :D And our last project so far...

All maps were built on public servers, and as always were free for everyone to join, /getmap, participate, etc, and all the things were made on or especially for them.
But there were hardly ever talks about licensing, as many considered it too much of a hassle. I hope it's ok to publish them as-is, just like they've been up on the servers for countless hours (I've dedusted them to remove most of the grief for you :D)
I didn't know if I should credit everyone yet, maybe someone doesn't want to be mentioned, please let me know. And if you want something changed, removed or more/less credit, as always: please just drop us a note. :D
All copyright and trademarks belong to their respective holders, ofc =) And as far as I'm concerned, all my own work on them is under CC0 1.0 Universal.

This shall also be a shoutout to all my old friends, and to try to get UPM and ZACK the freedom they deserve! :D

love, meow! =)

zalc.zip (1.99 MB)
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