Coley | 2014-05-30 15:40
Discussion: Exasperation intensifies
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Exasperation intensifies

I've never been so disgusted by a group of people in this game in any of my 8 years of playing. I'm so sick of some players acting like they completely comprehend a community that has been altered over the course of many years and target a certain group ("old players") as the cause for it's deteriorating quality, without actually playing the game for as long as the people he/she so criticizes.

It's pathetic to see people act so high and mighty when they behave like they are doing the community a favor because they "give noobs a chance and try to teach them" while other players don't necessarily share the same attitude. This is just wrong. There are many old players who have been around long enough in the community to actually be exhausted with the way some new players act. If someone doesn't know something simple, such as a matter pertaining to game play, of course any decent player would help. And if it's something not so simple, then the "old players" do not have to be responsible for that person learning what they want. If that person actually WANTS to learn about the game, then maybe, just maybe they will overcome their laziness and go and look for the answers by his/herself (As many players have done). But guess what. No player anywhere wants to deal with a new player acting like a little shithole kicking people for fun, spamming a server, and generally acting like an idiot for the hell of it. Of course people will then begin to ignore such people and that is ONLY the fault of the new players who act like they are 5 years old. There is no blaming of the "old players" for ignoring them because we are NOT responsible for the immaturity of others! There is a certain level of it that is understandable (like making play maps to get a feel for the editor), but when you begin to act like a fool, then you deserve to lose your credibility (if you had any to begin with) and people won't want to put up with your lack of common sense and lack of adequate etiquette.
Those who are new players and actually WANT to become part of the community in a mature, positive and contributing fashion will do so on their own and thus will be respected and listened to accordingly. And I say that the rest of the people who act like they couldn't give two shits and like dirt-for-brains assholes just because they want to should be ignored and encouraged to leave the community. I've been playing this for a long time, not necessarily making maps, or becoming a star-quality fighter, but I have made many friends and enjoy watching players grow and develop their skills and playing with my friends, so I understand this exhaustion from old players who don't care to deal with people who join just to ruin the spirit of the game. So stop whining about their "attitude" and learn to distinguish between a player who is actually trying to be a part of the community and someone who joined just to act like a child and then deal with these people accordingly.

Many old players have quit or significantly reduced their time playing here partially because of the reasons mentioned above, which I find sad, so I hope the attitudes in this community begin to change eventually.

As a little side note: I've been reading on Quadropolis for many years now and although I have never posted anything, I understand some people here love to take something someone else has written and attack that person for their opinion and views. If you don't agree or respect the things I've written above, then be mature and respond with some dignity. If you do however want to post a response exemplary of stupidity, be my guest, but unfortunately for you it will be to no avail (But feel free to entertain us anyway). Thanks :)

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