Chasester_aka_you | 2014-02-05 01:49
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Xtreme Cube

This is a mod that can be overlaid over the current sauer, it only modifies visual effect and has its own exe so you dont have to worry about overriding any old code. If you do down load this you will not have so save any files. If you wish to run sauerbraten again you can simply click on sauer.bat.


  • Team Kill Proof: No longer will you have to say sorry for accidentally putting a rifle in your teammates back, now damage to players is not sent to the server (no harm no foul). This includes explosions that hit other players :)
  • New Damage Particle System: damage text is displayed a distance away from the player (dampartdist) rather than above the victums head, this allows you to see the damage done. Also in non-insta modes particle size and color is determined by the amount of damage done
  • Kill Feed: Renders in the upper left hand corner (where it use to) uses images to show kill types. Your kills stay up longer so you can see the carnage you are doing.
  • New chat console: New console in the lower left hand corner allows players to see old chat, but fades away when players do not have the console open.
  • Score Board modifications: Shows person with the flag. Also shows players personal stats.
  • Team/Rival score menu: Allows you to see alive and dead players, and see where you are ranked in the bunch. In non-team mod acts like a normal score board.
  • New Hud Icons: New icons allows you to see where you flag is, (whether it is dropped or taken). Also shows progress of the flag and how close it is to being scored.
  • Timer: on at the top center allows you to quickly tell how much time i left in the match.
  • New Cartoon Shader see


  • dampartsize(-1..110..500) - distance that a damage particle is rendered (only when player1 is the attacker). smaller number smaller larger size, (remember that this is capped by the command maxparticledistance). A value of -1 turns this feature off and particles are rendered above the victim's head
  • killfeedlen(0..5..10) - determines the max number of items that can display in the kill feed. 0 turns the kill feed off.
  • nameoverfade(-1..700..2000 - how long the name of your ally stays on the screen after you stopped pointing at him. -1 turns this feature off
  • teammenu (0..1..1) - turns on and off the team menu on the right side of the hud.


NOTE: this is all the commands I can remember if you find a command or are trying to turn off a feature than please leave a comment about it and I will try to help
NOTE: many of the cfg files have been changed to cfgx files, you can still get your old setting by exec "file.cfg" and you can reinstate sauerx fetures by typing "file.cfgx"
NOTE: my defualt.cfgx does not use sauers defualt settings, Many modifications are made to improve the aesthetics of this mod, if you wish to have your default settings back. or your person settings back just type exec "config.cfg" or "data/defaults.cfg".

Mod is in a fully working state there should be no errors, please report errors below.

known errors: none



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