sparr | 2005-05-11 18:06
Two opposing fortresses, complete with sewer tunnels and watchtowers

This map is symmetric, with two identical forts facing each other. Originally designed as a CTF map, it plays out rather well in FFA and other weapon-ful modes. Not so great for instagib or any of the fist-only modes.

Each fort is comprised of multiple floors. The basement level consists of a short hallway and staircase leading up from the sewer as well as an underwater tunnel leading to a grate-covered pit visible from above on the first floor. The first floor spans the entire fort, is accessible via staircases from the basement and second floor as well as front and back doors leading outside, contains two playerstart positions, and provides excellent visibility of the 3 other floors as well as the outdoors through large windows. The second floor is reached via two staircases and holds most of the ammo inside the fort, as well as a green armor. It provides access to the upstairs windows and the rear balcony as well as a jumppad to the third floor, and has good visibility of most of the first and third floors and the outdoors. The third floor is reachable only via jumppad or rocket jump and contains a healthboost. The third floor also provides the ideal location for flag placement in CTF mods.

Outside the forts there is a large open area punctuated by a chain of platforms leading from the corners to the center, providing access to the yellow armor, healthboost, and quad. Also located outside are two sniper towers accessible via jumppad at their bases, and a wall around the edge of the zone. Visibility ranges from moderate to excellent, including into the first floors of the forts. Ammo and health is generously distributed.

Below the map lie sewers. The sewers are accessible via two staircases near the center of the map, and two staircases down from the first floors of the forts. They are also visible through grates in the map corners and above the pits inside the forts. Two playerstart positions are placed in the sewers, as well as health and ammo, with two yellow armor items in the pits under the forts.

WQD gets up to 5500 due to very few occluding walls, with an average of around 3500. Also to be noted is WVT from 3500 to 14000 and EVT from 13000 to 100000. A large number of mapmodels on this map, mostly neccessary for architecture, leads to lower than expected FPS. LOD adjustments can help, but not to the same extent as on a cube-only map.

Please note that this map cannot be used as-is in Quad CTF because of Quad's replacement jumppad mapmodel and incorrect handling of stacked Bridge mapmodels. (6.57 KB)
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