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Tricking Space
This content is compatible with older edition(s) of the game it was made for, and is not guaranteed to work with the current or development versions.
A tutorial-aimed trickjump map.


After more than 2 years, I present you another trickjump tutorial map!
As SauerPower lacked a variety in stages between challenges and most of the time forced players to be good at trickjumping right away, Tricking Space builds up the challenges more towards becoming from noob to pro.
The map is designed to learn and train people the skill so called trickjumping without the need of being in multiplayer.
A screenshot with a higher resolution is viewable right here.
I've kept the detailing, lighting and even texturing (even though I've re-textured the map twice) as simple as possible.


The goal is to get at the other side of the room. However, there are some rules:

  • You can only use the type of ammunition which is spawning inside the room.
  • You can only use 1 shot of ammunition at each obstacle (with exception of the bullets).
  • When you fall into the water, you're considered to be "dead" and spawning again (you aren't really dead as that would take a lot of time before you would be back to your original obstacle again).
  • No cooperation of other players is allowed, every obstacle can be conquered on your very own skill.
  • Being in coop-edit mode isn't allowed at all.

The exceptions on that:

  • You can use 2 types of ammunition (but only 1 of each!) when there is more than 1 type spawning inside the room.
  • You may use more than 1 shot of each type of ammunition in the room which you may only complete by using grenades while moving upwards and the room which you may only complete by using rockets while moving up- or downwards.

Of course you can just ignore these rules when you just want to practice for fun.


  • The old ironsnout model always shows off what to do. In the entrance room it shows off which weapon should be taken for the room behind it, while inside rooms ironsnout shows off how to actually use that weapon.
  • If you've never trickjumped before (or want to learn on a tutorialish way), you rather put the map in Single Player mode. The reason for this is that several triggers and scripts could help you what to do next (for example; taking the right weapon automatically, setting a timer so you can see how fast you are, etc).
  • I would recommend playing the map in Single Player mode also for people which like fancy sounds and celebrations after being on the other side of a room.
  • You can't record demo's in the SinglePlayer mode, neither ammunition will spawn back, so for real practice and show off, it's best to stick in Free For All.


The map is currently designed for Justice edition (as the grenade-launcher is just way better to trickjump on that version). I'll maybe update it to Collect edition but for now, it works fine.
If you find any solution to a certain obstacle which you think is original, just put a demo-file in a comment.
There are several demo's added from certain rooms. You can watch them by putting demo "scetj1_[room]_[date]" into your console line.


I would like to thank Yves Allaire for his DSI-texturepack, John Siar for the old Ironsnout and weapons, makkE for the projectiles and Skur for his wonderful yet simple timer-script.
About the license of the map:

  • You are free to use any of the obstacles within your own map, as long as you wouldn't copy complete halls.
  • You are not free to modify anything on the map. Everything is intended to be like that. If you still think certain things which appear on the map look odd, please report by commenting.
  • When doing anything which is allowed from this license, please still mention so if you've copied any of the obstacles within the map.


- Add similar obstacle for grenades as the rockets (where you've got to drop a rocket then rocketjump when hitting the floor below).
- Add even more demo's.

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