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GraphOX Sauerbraten Mod
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Small content and source mod for Sauerbraten and eventually Assault Cube

This project is no longer being maintained

GraphOX was a small source and content mod designed for any user to install simply and easily.

What was it?
GraphOX means Graphic of X, and originally was to be a graphical mod for Assault Cube and Sauerbraten before I thought, nah, I'm lazy, rather do something small to waste some time. As time went on, it became bigger and better, and gained a few users who are loyal to us. We have grown feature-wise as well.

What does it do?
It was just a really tiny content and source mod, that allows some small changes to the core. Has a bit of added functionality, and stuffs.

Where can I download it?
The current release for GraphOX is here with a news post here (v2.0-b2).

Omgomgomg I downloaded it, how to install it?
Windows users, copy bin/sauerbraten-grpx.exe to either of:
- "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sauerbraten\bin\" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sauerbraten\bin64"
- "C:\Program Files\Sauerbraten\bin\" and "C:\Program Files\Sauerbraten\bin64"
and copy the rest to "C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Sauerbraten"

Linux users, I assume you're clever, but I'm not sure.
Copy everything to your sauerbraten folder.

What else comes with this?
it provides a little better FPS due to a different customized build system, has scope zooming, auto-messages, and more.

Does this mod mess up my Sauerbraten config?
Nope, it writes to a file called "graphox.cfg" and stores all the variables there.

I want to post a bug/complain about something
Sure, register at and post in the forums, or go to on

I want to contribute to GraphOX
Well, beta testers are always needed, but as a one-man-band, I need developers helping ^^ if you know any C++, contact me @ on GameSurge

I want to sourcemod this
Download the community source once completed (community source removes build system, changes a lot of things)

Are you on any sort of social network?
Yes, we are on facebook @

What are the current features of v2.0-b2?
Well, there is a small list, namely
- integrated, in-game IRC
- full-screen zooming crosshair
- auto-messages
- crosshair bumping
- SauerEnhanced HUD
- automatic weapon change on ammo pickup
- themes (soon able to create own themes)
- extended scoreboard

Everything works as expected (from our side)

Are there any bugs, or glitches, or stuffs?
Actually, the only bug I could find was with the IRC client, but that's from the default Sauerbraten editor.

Is there anything you *disabled*?
I disabled the "rate" command to stop the old lag "hack" from exploiting it, and that's about it.

What upcoming features will we expect?
The only one I can say, is joystick (console control (ps3, xbox), flight thingy, etc) capabilities.

v2.0 beta 2 (22/10/2013):
- added new features to list
- updated download link
- addded link to news post

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