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Request for input about the future of Quadropolis. Updated on 4th of May 2013!
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As most of you all witnessed Quadropolis has moved to a new server. This should mean nothing else as we, the moderators and administrators of it want to preserve as much as possible. Despite that, this is the perfect time for some input from the community which uses the website to view and comment on nodes to give some input about how to actually improve the experience of Quadropolis.

The reason of this content is to stop posts on the official website of Sauerbraten, as that isn't the only game engine neither the only game which uses this website.


It is uncertain that anything can actually be improved. But to start this as certain orientation about what other people than administrators or moderators think shouldn't be considered as a bad idea.
Any input (even and actually especially those which you agree!) will be saved on this node to keep a certain poll of what people actually like to see and what not.
I'll put your name after the title of the idea whenever you agree those certain points.
Everything will be considered as a honest and polite comment, as long as it's constructive and has no selfish means.

The Ideas

Well, it's has become a quite big number. Maybe one day I'll sort them out and merge certain requests together. But for now, just keep reading!


Old domain name (Skur, Zamwa, SkiingPenguins, Suicizer)
"Since it's got nothing to do with this 4-cube page excecpt the host I think it should have it's old domain back."

New Look (SkiingPenguins, Suicizer, zombie-apocalypse)
"The new site needs to have a refreshed look, and i do not think we should keep the content from the old site. i think the old site's data should be kept somewhere, but not in a way that is indistinguishable from the new site."

Moderator/Admin Forum (Suicizer)
There isn't such a thing as a forum for moderators (neither for admins) to discuss about certain things on Quadropolis. I once bowed down about this but had not enough privileges to do the job.

Private messaging system (Mmeaninglez, SkiingPenguins)
Add a messaging system where users could talk to each other in private.

Fix up the pinned-weight order (Razgriz, Suicizer, Skur)
All lists around Quadropolis carry a pinned-weight order (like the frontpage, but even just nodes itself also as the node itself always appears above comments). But there are certain fix-ups to be done.

Making important nodes easier to find (Skur, Suicizer, zombie-apocalypse)
Certain nodes (like the 10 commandments, packaging guide, etc) still seem hard to reach for newcomers. What about putting those under a page which is for guides only? There currently seems to be a header already, but when clicking on, uncategorised nodes seem to appear.

Cleaning up the header bar (Suicizer)
The header bar currently consists out of Forums, New Content, New MODs, New Scripts, Best Content, Best MODs, Best Scripts, Guides, News Archive, Create Content, Login/Register. This seems to be pretty odd, as everything with the header New ... would already appear in the Recent Content column, while the headers Best ... are often pretty subjective. It doesn't makes it very organized also.
So what about cleaning up that bar and doing the very same with Best ... and New ... as what has been done with the header of Forums, if you jump to that page, different items will be shown all related to the forum.

Support social media (VampireFrog, Suicizer)
Quadroplis has no link towards any social media centre so far (not even IRC). Maybe it gets time for such option?

More icons around Quadropolis (VampireFrog, Suicizer)
A lot of things on Quadropolis are textual displayed. Some more icons next words could change the look of Quadropolis already.

Content-based input

Stop supporting old content (SkiingPenguins, Suicizer)
The old nodes still should be accessible to everyone, but shouldn't be on this server anymore. We don't want to keep Quadropolis like it actually was, are we?

Moderation tags (Razgriz, Suicizer)
Bring back the moderation tag-system as we once had, but then expressed shorter or by using icons.

Improved way for notifications (Razgriz, Suicizer, kz1)
Change the notification-tag system to something with icons instead of words like "singleplayer", "Win32", etc.

Separate page for bug-tracking (Razgriz)
Add a separate page to put comments on which is meant specific for mistakes/lackings within a map.

Clean up content creation page (Suicizer)
Whenever creating a new node (like content), things which are optional (the notification tags like the size of the map, which mode, etc) put them on another page or "hide" them until you click on a certain link within the create content-page to make them appear (pretty much like when you already have seen a certain comment and want to read it another time).

More dynamic screenshot resolution (Suicizer, SkiinPenguins)
So far the limit is up to 640x480 pixels whenever uploading a screenshot to a node. Maybe it would be nice if you are also able to upload something like 512x512.

Reward good content better (Suicizer)
In the past, after a certain number of good nodes (as in containing valuable information or an impressive map/mod/script), people often gained a rank. This has stopped about 3 years ago.

Voting System

Old voting system (SkiingPenguins, Suicizer, Justin, Mmeaninglez)
Let's go back to our old voting system with just an average of all votes.

Reduce the vote-scale (Zamwa, Skur, SkiingPenguins, Suicizer)
Just reduce the scale of voting from 9 options (1 to 10) to only 3 options (-1, 0 and +1). Our beloved Sauerbraten developer once had the theory the less options someone has to choose from, the less more chance the user does the right thing.

Implement starred content in voting-system (Zamwa, SkiingPenguins, Suicizer, Skur)
"Remove the "starred content" from a moderators control to an automated system based on votes over 5 and above 75% approval!"

Remove banned accounts from votings (Razgriz, Suicizer)
Let administrators and moderators be able to delete votes which are made by "anonymous" accounts (most of them banned whenever so). Automating this process would be even better.

Search Tools

Proper in-website searching (Razgriz, Suicizer)
"Using google to do the searches in quadro isn't exactly the most convenient method, given how it occasionally breaks down on itself regardless of browser used."

Really unpublish content (Suicizer)
Any user is able to see unpublished contents in the search list, yet aren't authorized to access it. What about just completly censorize it? It adds question-marks for certain people on things which they shouldn't be able to see anyway.

Search by author (Somedude, Mmeaninglez, Suicizer)
Add a search option so you can search certain content by author also (without needing to track his history of commenting and posting).

Event-based input

Monthly Polls (Suicizer)
Resurrect the Montly Polls from their grave.

More events (Suicizer)
Organize more events than just a website which you can post your stuff on and let it get reviewed.

User/moderator/administrator-related input

Advanced profile settings (Suicizer, SkiingPenguins, Skur, zombie-apocalypse )
Some more profile settings for normal users than just their full name, bio and website (like a profile image of 64x64?).

Changelog of content for users (Suicizer, Vampirefrog)
So far you need to post a comment on your own node to get some attention again if you've updated your map. This actually isn't the meaning of commenting. When users are able to see through the log that a content has been updated, they probably will check it out once more way easier.
Another plan to tackle this problem is to add a tag in recent content which says Updated!, instead of New!.

A new team (Suicizer, SkiingPenguins)
Somehow we actually only have 1 moderator which is truly active, which is suprisingly me :(. I think a small clean up in this section could help and start with fresh team of new moderators and some small amount of new administrators.
This is not the right thread to ask if you can be moderator, neither admin. Our team will contact you instead.

Synchronize the ranking system (Suicizer)
At the moment, you are able to be a warned user, yet have fully admin rights. This is a quite odd appearance and no-one except the person which grants the privileges knows about what certain people can do and what they can't do. Maybe we need more ranks, like silver stars for moderators or super users, for example.

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