Suicizer | 2013-03-19 22:36
Open Arena Appearance Mod
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A mod which changes Sauerbraten's appearance to that of Open Arena.

After a quite long period of time, I would like to present; Open Arena Appearance Mod!
This project has different intentions. I've been trying to get content of Open Arena actually "work" within Sauerbraten (which often is a pain as everything has to be adjusted to make it work, excluding the part to make it look good).
There hasn't been changed anything to the code of Sauerbraten as I'm not planning to change that (if you really want to feel Open Arena, you should play it after all).
The mod consists mainly out models (meshes, skins, sounds, icons, muzzleflashes), which I probably will expand to fonts, icons and particles also.
At last, be sure to check out Open Arena's website!

If you want to look from a screenshot with a better resolution, this might do.

As you may have noticed due the file-size, the original Sauerbraten isn't included within the content, for several reasons;
- It can be used on all platforms in this state.
- The mod can be installed on elder releases also.
- I'm pretty sure it saves you a lot of time if you just download the newest setup of Sauerbraten, install it and then extract everything from this content into that directory. You could also extract it into the C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Sauerbraten folder (this is safer, but mrfixit will still appear instead of the intended playermodel)

There are several skins which aren't being used at default (like for the angelyss and assassin model, but for skelebot as well) which can be specified manually (just modify the md3.cfg within the same folder and change md3skin l_hair skin_blue.png skin_blue.png to md3skin l_hair blue_neko1.png blue_neko1.png for example).
There are also additional sounds to each model while the default Open Arena sounds are just default. Just rename sounds.cfg to something else (like sounds_default.cfg) and rename the one which you would like to hear ingame (like from sounds_angelyss.cfg to sounds.cfg).

Known Bugs
- The assassin playermodel won't get loaded in it's current state as the ogro folder is hardcoded. So if you want to use it, switch it with another playermodel (but look out for the powerup-directory; they may differ).
- The vweps somehow pitch with the position of the camera while the model stops pitching.

- Replace certain skins, icons and/or textures
- Make playermodels appear brighter ingame
- Get mrfixit and ogro not being loaded but the intentioned ones instead
- Make the fonts work
- Change the layout of the hud to something more similar to Open Arena
- Import the menu inclusive sounds (unlikely, but let's try anyway)
- Reanimate certain models (as Open Arena uses a different animation system to make a model go left or right - just rotate the lower mesh about 30 degrees)
- Pick variation between sounds ingame or via a certain command.
- Bugfixing? If you notify anything odd, please report it by commenting or contact me on IRC; #sauerbraten.

Coding (lead developer, coding, engine compiling, tools, fixing, testing, reporting)
leileilol, sago007, haste, personman, next_ghost jack_thompson, mewse, div0, dmn_clown and kick52.
Models (meshes, animation)
leileilol, Multiplex, enki, JK Makowka, jzero, Shadowdragon, kit89, baconfish, Makkon, Kaelis,
enki, JK Makowka, Morphed, DarkThief, slyus, Kaz and Lazureus.
Audio (music, sound, voices)
leileilol, Mancubus, toddd, Agrajag, Psymog, cosmo, pixie, aeri_s, RottKing, SAGChandler, Edward Yong,
Artwork (textures, 2D, icons, skyboxes
leileilol, Multiplex, Democritus, jzero, mewse, dmn_clown, MilesTeq, evillair, cosmo, tw3k, BaronOfHell, Stjartmunnen, Amphetamine, kick52, stroggi, jack_thompson, anyone, NASA and STScI.
Aardappel, enki, Czestmyr, SavageX, RAZ3R, Vondur, Tyrann, sp1rit, BarronOfHell, Stjartmunnen, Ed, kit89, cosmo, dmn_clown, Amphetamine, sago007, stroggi, TRaK, PsiScythe, Armageddon_Man and anyone.
BaronOfHell, dmn_clown, Amphetamine and stroggie.

Thanks to Nexuiz team,,
modDB,, Quake3World, Doomworld,
Polycount, Gna!, id software, Galbraith
Games, Linux Game Tome,,
deathz0r, Wudan, ibrown, Tr3b, MilesTeg,
John Romero, American McGee,
jitspoe, Blender, modplug, freepats, Willis,
Wesley Willis, Kurt Russell, Kurt Vonnegut,
Sindwiller (for the huge tri-licensed photograph pack)
and The Church of the Subgenius

a BIG HUGE THANKS goes to John Carmack and
id software for Quake III Arena and its source
code. Without them, OpenArena obviously would
not exist :o)

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