zombie-apocalypse | 2012-10-27 18:33
Zombie Apocalypse - Chapter I : Dead End
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We survived the year 2012 and the zombies are teh best evarrrrr!!! xD

---- This map is free software under GNU GPL v2-license (Wikipedia) ----
---- Diese Karte ist Freie Software unter der GNU GPL v2-Lizenz (Wikipedia) ----


- August October 27, 2013
- Uploader: meow
- Notes:

It is october 2013 and the zombies are steppin' it up a notch with Zombie-Menu v3.1 ! xD

Improved menu layout, map-related to-do's & currents, NNA finally leaving the testing stages (suggestions still welcome :D), a new ZLIB license option for maps & much more :D

Also, Darkbird finished the nest, we have a brand new jewelry store in the city and we are proud to welcome Extr3m3 and Manu to map & crew!

love, meow! =)

== About Z.A.D.E. ==

In Zombie-Apocalypse-Dead-End the Zombies are lose and you have to decide between hide and fight in one of our many unique houses! :D
With awesome roof-, street- and underground-fights and a beautiful town center Z.A.D.E. can later be either Team/Deathmatch, Hide and Seek (HnS), CTF, regencapture or even Botzombies vs. Players! xD

As we started a lot of people became interested to join and to edit this map together. So only the rough house-sizes were given and each player is free to design their own house, with just the promise to edit only this, and to not make it much higher, so we can get from one roof to another.

If you are interested in learning how to map, you are hereby cordially invited to join us in Cube 2: Sauerbraten. Even if all the houses are now taken, there are still a lot of projects waiting for their happy owner and we hope to be expanding to other maps soon! :D

We are mappers with all grades of experience, even inexperienced mappers who only started a short while ago. And it's still a work in progress, so you're free to add your ideas in the comments or on the server! =)

If you want to join us, please give your okay to the GNU GPL v2-license (which is also used for the Linux kernel or the wiki-software that runs Wikipedia, for example), so other players are free to distribute or modify our map and additions, as long as they give away their work under the same conditions, while only needing to credit you/us (see our credits inside our zip! :D).

love, meow! =)

tl;dr: we rock! xD

And now a preview to parts of our readme!! xDD


German translation
A German translation of this can be found as attachment with the name deutsche_ubersetzung.txt

Last update
If you're interested in looking through the last update, it can be found as attachment under then name last_update.

Using this project
How to download, install, use and uninstall can be found as attachment which carries the name using_the_project.

Joining this project
How to join this project is specified in the attachment that has the name joining_the_project.

The rules of joining and behaving ingame when being busy with this project can be found as attachment with the name rules.

Left to do
Asking yourself questions about what's left to do on this project? They probably will be answered in the attachment named left_to_do.

Future of this project
About the future of this project can be found as an attachment of this content, which is called future.

Licensing information
The explanation of why this project is GPL-license can looked up in the attachment called license.

The list of who actually has contributed to this project can be found as attachment named credits.

Quick guide
If you're still having trouble reading or just no time, read the file called quick_guide for installing and extracting the project in your Sauerbraten directory.

Octree explanation
Some off-topic explanation about the octree system can be found called octree_explanation.

Original layout
The original layout of this content can be obtained by downloading the attachment which carries the name original_layout (not recommended though).

"Love", Suicizer...

Quick Setup Guide for map & menu
Windows / Mac OS X / manually:
- Download, then extract our zip to your Sauerbraten folder. In-game (only once) click:
       -> Options -> autoexec.cfg -> click load -> in the field enter: exec zombie.cfg -> click save -> click exec
Linux (paste this into Terminal):
unzip zombie-apocalypse-dead-end.zip -d ~/.sauerbraten/ && echo exec zombie.cfg >> ~/.sauerbraten/autoexec.cfg

zombie-apocalypse-dead-end.zip (1.78 MB)
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