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Homage to The Hunted
A rebuild of the legendary The Hunted from Team Fortress Classic

1. last update
2. A little ol' story...
3. The Teams
4. SAY WHAT?! (english map-description)
5. Links to more info
6. Uncle meow Wants You! o( °-° )
7. Download and Set-up!

0. Quick-Download & Comments!

last update

- Aug 28 19:45 CEST 2012
- Uploader: vice-president meow, 2 ** star vice-president!
- Notes:

Intial start of the map yesterday. Gathered information for everyone, wrote website and now looking how to do get started with Phase 1!

9.9.12, 16:00 CEST: updated the description!

signed and love,
vice-president meow! (*~*)7

A little never old story...

Once upon a time...

... in a small and unconspicious industry area, there was a president whos car broke down, out of reasons we might never know.
So he and his bodyguards were stranded at this remote location, some sort of garagebunker! Cut off of the world, with their brand new rental car only 2 minutes away... BUT HOWEVER...


The bodyguards saw this, confered and decided to do the only right thing: to protect their prez with their lifes! through vents and warehouses, and narrow street canyons over a dangerous button and a loooooong, last, open yard into safety!
But nothing would be that easy anyway... o.O

The fights were rough! Their nerves were raw! The prez was shaking, huddeling behind crates and in dark corners where the assassins wouldn't find him. And it took his bodyguards a whole day and a lot of bandages to finally get him through this madness into safety! 0.0

After this dark, dark day, the president decided he would never forget this day of horror. And he filed a law, that this forsaken industry area would for all times fall to ruin.

13 years have passed by now. Grass and little trees grew out of the gaps into the streets, the warehouses were partly reclaimed by nature. Everything looks so peaceful and safe now... HOWEVER...

... as life plays its mysterious ways, the prez, just on this very today, happens to be around the area again. Visiting his old grandmother (again!), who is in a dying condition (AGAIN!! =O), and all of a sudden...

... his motor starts to spit. o.O

(on a homage-to-the-hunted-server near you!! xD)

The Teams

Please step a little closer and meet the protagonists of this meaningful day!

Team 1.) - The President!

Short: the prez. A man, only armed with his word and a chainsaw (which he has swaped against his umbrella since the last fatal meeting) and a gun he forgot to load! If it was up to him, by the end of the day, not a scratch will be on his suit!

Team 2.) - The Bodyguards!

- Heavily armored guys with gattling guns, being as big and slow as their brains are!
- Athletic soldiers, equipped with bazookas and shotguns! Always there to shoot their prez up vents and beat the shit out of those assassin creeps! (if necessary! o.O)
- Medics, giving their misanthropic lifes to protect and heal their prez + a shotgun (for selfdefense only, of course =P) (how we gonna make those will stay a riddle to me o.O)

Team 3.) - The Assassins!

- ice cold snipers, only equipped with their diligently polished rifles and chainsaws (they too have learned something since back then! =P)! They know how to hide at places that about no one else can reach! And with bloodshot eyes they want to see only one dead thing at the end of the day: an innocent prez! =O

Say what?!?! o.O

If you have ever played Team Fortress Classic (short: TFC, or TF 1.5), which was originally an official update to Half-Life 1 and is the father to Team Fortress 2 (TF 2), you might know the incredibly fast paced map and game variant "The Hunted".

"Homage to The Hunted" (working title) is a Cube 2: Sauerbraten-rebuild in honor of this epic adrenaline rush of a map and gamestyle, just set 13 years into the unimagined future of an alternate universe! xD

There are different routes through the map that might lead the president to safety and lots of hiding spots, to be used by the assassins as well, who also have additional areas only they can access (or if you're a really skilled soldier =P).

With Team Fortress 2 the developer Valve decided to refurbish The Hunted out of the game, and re-invented it with the Payload gamestyle instead, where a wagon needs to be escorted along a fixed route. There is a fan based Hunted mod for TF 2 however, with an engeneer as the civillian, and in this cute TF 2 cartoon style, but it's impossible to play on older PC's. Also one might argue why spies and pyros have to be in there. o.O

Sauerbraten is just destined to revive this classic with its cubic but tremendously better graphics and fast paced gameplay!

Homage to the Hunted is free software under the GNU GPL v2 license and so will all its addons be (like scripts and models (if they ever should be)). But due to the nature that it should be a very close replica of the original, fast paced, with no lag on slow PCs, with all the physics, jump locations, etc, but at the same time working naturally within Sauerbratens world, I've decided to only work on it with a handful of dedicated people, to enhance my mapping experience as well as to finish it more quickly.

If you are interested to join, and to work yourself into the original (or have even played it!), have suggestions or ideas what to change, please write us in the comments or visit us on the server. I'm not fixed to the GPL v2, but it needs to be a free and open source software license.

love and signed,
vice-president meow! (*~*)7

In-depth information!

TFC / TF 1.5:
- Team Fortress Classic (TFC) on Wikipedia
- latest TFC to download and play on Steam (if you have bought Half-Life 2, you probably can download TFC for free)
- last, big Half-Life 1 standalone update to include TFC (TF 1.5)
- Official TFC wiki at
- TFC map "The Hunted" with pictures (same wiki)
- TFC map "The Hunted" from birdseye view (same wiki)
- In-depth Gamespot guide to the original tfc hunted

TF 2:
- Official Valve TF 2 Gameplay-Statement about The Hunted
- The Hunted at Official TF 2 wiki
- thread with pictures of the remake
- website about The Hunted for TF 2
- Fanbased TF 2 Plugin for The Hunted

- Fortress Forever (FF) a free to play sourceengine-remake of original TFC (windows-only)
- FF remake of The Hunted (picture shows some of the routes)
- Sexy FF-prez
- Download and play FF via Desura

TFC / TF 1.5:
- Hunting Sexy <- or, "the best way to learn all about hunted in one video"! xD
- tfc hunted speedrun
- TFC hunted walkthrough by a young fan o.O

TF 2:
- Hunted Mod in TF 2
- TF 2: Escort The Flag intro movie

Experienced helpers welcome! (*-*)7

If you'd like to help with scripting the conditions for Homage to the Hunted (be it a simple master-script or even more), or would love to do something unique like designing a run down version of the original warehouses and places, and are dedicated to recreate an epic game, please let me know! :D

My ideas for realization so far are:

1. - Basic and cheap, but quick and easy!

Creating the map:
- Phase 1 - revival <- WE ARE HERE! xD
The map will be built as a very close replica of original tfc Hunted: everything as cuby and oldlooking as it used to be. Made to honor the legend and to playtest it. Just, as there are no crouching positions in Sauerbraten and there is this different point of view and physics overall, the size of the map may have to be made bigger. All piggyback and rocket jump positions, every shooting the prez up vents, all hiding spots behind crates, etc, will need to work.
- Phase 2 - polishing
2nd Version of the map will then be based on 1st, just that it will bring more detail: the original lighting but also enhanced 3D-structure to everything: the containers, crates, buildings, ... to make it Sauerbraten worthy.
- Phase 3 - ruining
It will then be ruined by nature and us. Some walls and roofs will have cracked up or broken open, wooden crates moved, fell apart or began to rot, grass and other plants grew, as well as trees at some unusual places, creating unusual hiding spots. There will be puddles and mud pits, and maybe new ways, or a somewhat blocked old one, and probably some evidence of the devestation that happened to the original hunted! xD

-- Number #1 goal is to keep the cubecount low, and the framerate up on old PC'S at all times, though! o.O xD --

Starting conditions:
- One way doors to protect Team 3 (Assassins) respawn from being ambushed by the bodyguards
- Sniperrifles and a Quaddamage at Team 3 respawn
- Bazookas, Machineguns and Shotguns at 3 new, separate playerstart-areas at Team 2 (Bodyguard) respawn, (near Team 1), one way doors here too.
- as well as 3 Healthboosts at Team 1 (President) respawn (up at his lift, where only he can reach it)

manual Gameplay-rules:
- at the beginning of a 15 minute game the players have to select the related playermodel (e.g.: President: Inky, Heavies: Ogro, Soldiers: Captain Cannon, Medics: Mr. Fixit, Assassins: IronSnout X10K)
- they then need to pick up their related weapons /and armor at their starting position.
- A round is decided when
  a) the president is assassinated or time runs out or
  b) the president captures the flag from right tower (as replacement of the switch to open the garagedoor to safety), and enters the nearby garage with it where he scores immediately.
Problem with this: CTF is only 2 teams - if it would be possible, anyone of Team 2 could score also.
Benefit: you could see if he really made it by his teams scorepoint and notify sound, his starting location would be reset also.

2. - Great enhancements, but would need a good scripting effort:

- Players need to pick their team/class from a menu before the game starts / team 2 (bodyguard) is also able to change their class during the game, but will then respawn at starting point. (and / or master sets random teams button).
- Weapons and ammo count are given to each class, there is no extra ammo.
- Medics can drop 5 health cartridges and up to 3 health boosts within a given time.
- Prez has no weapons but the chainsaw and a pistol with 2 shot ammo.
- no "friendly fire"
- Round is won after someone pushed switch up on right tower, then prez enters garage within 10 seconds.
- If Team Prez dies or time runs out: win for Team 3, siren and restart all
- If Team Prez escapes: win for Team 1 & 2, cheering and restart all

3. - Fantastic addons, but would take incredible effort (+maybe impossible =/):

making it a mod (might never gonna happen):
- medics have a new weapon: return of the Original Medkit!! xD and can heal and "overheal" up to (e.g.) 200 health which will go slowly back to 100
- When in zoom-mode, Assassins can charge their rifles with holding left mouse for at least 5 seconds - this will slow them down, but releasing upon target usually inflicts instant death.
- this charged rifle aim would be seen by everyone as red spots on the map. (possible?)
- custom player models with team colors for the bodyguards, a custom suit for the prez and camouflage for the assassins.
- new, free texture set
- return of the crowbar. (& umbrella! xD)

Download and set-up Homage To The Hunted!

Our map comes with a htthunted.cfg config that is a new menu on your F8 key. It helps us to answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) and provides other useful help and settings for editing in game. Please feel free to tell us what you would improve, or even do it yourself! It's free software either! :D (and as that it is derived from the official Zombie-Apocalypse Menu).

Our includes:
- homage-to-the-hunted.ogz - our map: Return of the Hunted / Homage to the Hunted / Hunted... whatever =) name to be decided yet. hehe
- homage-to-the-hunted.jpg - a preview loading picture of the map
- homage-to-the-hunted-GPLv2-license.txt - a copy of the GNU General Public License (Version 2)
- htthunted.cfg - our Hunted-Menu for F8 (no other keys are bound, and it only works if you activate it first!)
- (soon: a readme)

How-to extract / set-up everything:

(note: when asked to overwrite older files, please say yes (it will only replace our old files) - (see last time of zip-update, if needed)

- Linux:
1.) download the to your home directory (important!)
2.) open up linux console (terminal) and copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+shift+v) this into it:
unzip -d ~/.sauerbraten/ && echo exec htthunted.cfg >> ~/.sauerbraten/autoexec.cfg
- If you are extracting the zip for the second time, you only need:
unzip -d ~/.sauerbraten/
3.) Start Cube 2: Sauerbraten and enjoy! xD

- Windows / Mac OS X:
1.) download the from this site.
2.) (right) click and extract it directly to your Sauerbraten directory
3.) Start Cube 2: Sauerbraten
4.) at the first time you have to activate htthunted.cfg manually, in game:
  click -> Options -> autoexec.cfg -> click load -> in the field enter: exec htthunted.cfg -> click save -> click exec

that's it!

How-to use:

- To open the map ingame, for coop editing, e.g. type:
/coop homage (and hit tab until you get:
/coop homage-to-the-hunted

- to open the menu, ingame:
push your F8 key

How-to uninstall:

1.) unbind keys:
- to manually delete keybinds in game, for example:
/bind F8

2.) remove all files:
- Linux:
1.) open up linux console (terminal)
2.) copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+shift+v) this into the console:
rm ~/.sauerbraten/htthunted.cfg && rm ~/.sauerbraten/packages/base/homage-to-the-hunted*

- Windows / Mac OS X:
1.) please look for the above files in your Sauerbraten\ and Sauerbraten\packages\base directory and delete them there manually.

Quick Guide

(for full guide please see here)
Windows / Mac OS X: download, then extract this Zip to your Sauerbraten folder. In game (only once) click:
       -> Options -> autoexec.cfg -> click load -> in the field enter: exec htthunted.cfg -> click save -> click exec
Linux (paste this into Terminal): unzip -d ~/.sauerbraten/ && echo exec htthunted.cfg >> ~/.sauerbraten/autoexec.cfg (78.11 KB)
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