nightelf_IX | 2005-04-19 20:16
complex menu
Contains a big fat menu for cube. includes Rick's bot menu; a very good zooming config and much more [its more than just a menu]

Copy the file into your DATA directory.
Backup your existing menu before overwriting! [rename to oldmenu.cfg or something like that]

An info to the controls menu:
The keys shown in the basic keys info-menu are may be not the same as the real "default" keys. I have customized these keys for gameplay, but not for editing.
Please mail me your favorite 'key map' when its very different from the key packs.

IMPORTANT 1: IF YOU USE RICK'S BOT MOD please delete // at menuitem "Bot control" "showmenu [Bot menu]" to grant yourself access to the implemented BOT menu. if you use this, you also have to copy this file over [menus_bot.cfg]

IMPORTANT 2: TO ALLOW THE MOUSE WHEEL TO WORK open autoexec.cfg and add // to all bind commands [i. e. bind w forward => //bind w forward; or bind mouse4 [universaldelta 1] => //bind mouse4 [universaldelta 1]] or delete it. This would block this file here and the mouse wheel eventually wont work correctly. You wont have to delete the // anymore. If you dont want to delete or change anything in autoexec.cfg, you can also type exec data/menus.cfg at the beginning to override all blocking autoexec commands.

Pressing F sets fov -70. Pressing it again sets it to fov +70.
Check the controls menu if you want another value for 70!
While you are zooming your sensitivity will be decreased to increase your aiming performance!

Bugs and ideas for key packs oder additional menus and help menu items: contact me (

You can use the mouse wheel to edit your maps now again!
Works a little bit different from the default in autoexec.cfg:
while you are not editing, the moue wheel will always change the weapons.
to change the mouse wheel action you can use [mouse3] or [minus] for previous action and [Q] or [equals] for next action. the following list describes the actions:
while in game:
always: change weapons
while in edit mode:
0: edit height [depends whether looking up or down]
1: edit vdelta
2: floor/ceiling texture [depends whether looking up or down]
3: wall/upper wall texture [depends whether looking up or down]
4: make wall solid/not solid [new]
5: change the first property of the nearest entity

Please comment if you want more than this 6 things customizable with the mouse wheel.

There is a new way to zoom using the mouse wheel!
How this works:
While not in edit mode you can use the mouse wheel to zoom [the zooming strenth is also modifiable in the controls menu -> zooming step]. just press Q. you should see [mouse wheel modifier = 1]. pressing it again changes between 0 and 1. if it's 0 you can use the mouse wheel to change weapons normally. if it's 1 you can use the mouse wheel to zoom. when you zoom this way, Q wont change the modifier! it will change to any other weapon, if your out of ammo. press the middle mouse button to reset fov. Now press the middle mouse button OR Q again to return to [mouse wheel modificator = 0]. Try it!

The right mouse button can now easily be modified!
Just press the right mouse button to bind it to an action. If you want to change this action while its already set, just press R.
Just an info: All 'normal' keys are used by the key packs or the default settings... the keys you can freely modify are [and have always been] the right mouse button and F2 - F9.

Thanks to all using it!

menus.cfg (60.73 KB)
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