Zehirmahnn | 2012-07-04 09:18
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A pretty cool mod (^^), which improves gameplay (maybe).

Hi Everyone :)

I present you a new Mod : SauerFR

Made By :
Zehirmahnn (Compilation under MacOS X , the one who started this project and makes the code)
I'm helped by piernov (Compilation under Linux and Windows, and helps for coding)

SauerFR-v2 is already here, so I'll start with this one :

First of all and very important :

This Mod cannot work by himself, you need to add your original gamedata to it.
Copy the "packages" folder from the sauer you are currently using to the new one.

This version comes with lots of things :

- bind "no problem"
- bind "nice shot"
- auto good-game
- auto-sorry
- a new scoreboard
- scores under the radar
- playerslist

For the bind No problem, you need to add this in your autoexec :

bind "your_key" [sayteam No problem (getclientname $playerwhokilled), I forgive your teamkill]

Instead of "(getclientname $playerwhokilled)" will display the name of the last player you teamkilled.
Of course you can change the message.

For the bind Nice Shot, you need to add this in your autoexec :

bind "your_key" [say Nice Shot (getclientname $playerniceshot) !]

Instead of "(getclientname $playerniceshot)" will display the name of the last player who killed you.
You can also change the message.

For the auto good game : at the end of the game, the message "Good Game !" will be sent.
To activate it, type /goodgame 1 , to disable type /goodgame 0 .

For the autosorry, the following message will be sent to your team when you'll make a teamkill:
"Oops, I'm sorry for this teamkill %s =/", with instead of "%s" the name of the player you just teamkilled.
To activate it, type /autosorry 1 , to disable type /autosorry 0 .

-> Now, teamkills and suicides are counted for all players. Adding commands /getteamkills and /getsuicides which work the same way as commands /getfrags, /getdeaths, etc...

The scoreboard:

Explanation of colors:
The number of frags is displayed in cyan if it is greater than or equal to yours (yours will therefore also be in cyan), others are blue.
The Deaths are in red.
The KPD is in magenta.
The Accuracy is yellow.
The Flags scored are green.
The Teamkills are in pink.
The Suicides are in orange.

But : the scoreboard was further amended, the following changes:
-> During a game, you can see only kills, Accuracy and flags of each player.
-> At the end of the game, you have the frags , the deaths, the KpD, the accuracy , the flags, the teamkills and the suicides.

-> A flag symbol appears beside the name of the player carrying the flag. Small preview:

But in order to see these flags symbols you need to download these and to get them in the proper folder :
(Thanks to RaZgRiZ for the symbols, see his all package here http://www.quadropolis.us/node/3402)

Also note that the values ​​of the Accuracy, Deaths and KpD are counted from the moment you arrive on the server, so if you come in the middle of a game, the values ​​will be wrong.
This problem is unfortunately impossible to correct, I should change the server side code.

-> Addition the scores of the teams below the mini-map (or top right when there is no mini-map) :

On this screenshot, you can see small blue dots on the mini-map. Those are the positions of teammates. This may be added in one of the next versions of the mod.

And last thing in the v2 :
Addition of the "mini scoreboard", this is actually a list of connected players (without spectators) to the right of the screen. This list is very useful in clan war: the name of players are in blue or red if they are in your team or not. When the player is dead, his name goes grey, and at the left displays a countdown of 5 seconds, also in blue or red depending on the team. The countdown stays at zero until the player did not respawn.
Names are aligned on the left, the longest name comes exactly at the edge of the screen to the right.
This list is optional: /playerslist 1 to enable, /playerslist 0 to disable.

On this screenshot you can see there is a big space between my name and other names.
This is due to the fact that spectators are not shown, but there is a blank instead of their names. Problem might be solved in a next version.

This work is always in progress, more changes will be added.
Feel free to make comments, ask questions or tell me any bug or problem you encounter.

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