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Commenting Support

This node is meant to help newcomers on their journey on quadropolis, but also to prevent people start having flamewars (or just discussions) about certain nodes or even comments. It isn't meant to thread anyone neither to refer to any happening in the past.


As a newcomer, you probably don't know how it all works here on quadropolis. That's why I recommend you to read this guide, so you can get around more quickly.

Before creating the content
Before you even create a content, think about such questions:

For maps:
01. Is the content having a screenshot which shows off a proper view of the map?
02. Is the zip-file packaged correctly? (like "packages/base/actually_map.ogz")?
03. Is it having a certain theme which can be clearly seen through other things, like texturing, geometry, lighting and detail?
04. Are all textures fitting the geometry which they are attached to, but also fitting the theme?
05. Could any more texturing techniques like blending, using v-commands, setting shaders, etc be used?
06. Is the geometry fitting the theme and lighting?
07. Can the amount of triangles still be reduced through some simple modifications?¹
08. Is the lighting providing a correct atmosphere, which fits the expression of the map?
09. Could any other technique be used to improve the lighting? Like using spotlights, 1 primary and 1 secondary light-entity, etc.
10. Are the lighting errors/bugs reduced to it's minimum?
11. Are details not being used often all around the map?
12. Are the details having as less triangles as possible, while still looking fine?¹
13. Is the map sealed so players can't reach specific areas where they shouldn't be? ¹
14. Could any other technique be used to improve the flow and/or gameplay? Like using sky-textured geometry, glass, envmap-entities, etc.²
15. Is the layout constructed so players are able to keep running in a certain pattern, for example through doorways, caves, etc?²
16. Is the map having several layers of platforms in it's layout, which are connected to each other (by using stairs, ramps, jumppads, teleports, etc)?²
17. Are rooms or areas containing more than 1 or 2 proper way to access and to leave?²
18. Are the pickups and playerstarts placed for a deeper layer of play?²
19. Could any other techniques be used to improve the gameplay? Like "leading" players to a certain area.²

¹ Counts only for gameplay-based maps. It still gets appreciated if you would do so even if the map is notified as artistic.
² Is completely irrelevant for artistic maps and counts only for gameplay-based maps.

As gameplay-based map are pretty easy to receive some constructive comment, artistic maps are less easy.
When creating a content for an artistic map, really consider it should be artistic. Don't abuse the "artistic" label as your map isn't meeting some of those questions. Artistic maps should carry an even higher quality on theme, texturing, lighting and detail, so don't label it just because it's gameplay and/or flow isn't fine.

For scripts:
01. Is the script written correctly for it's purpose?
02. Is it having as less errors, bugs, etc as possible?
03. Is it competitive compared to other scripts on quadropolis?
04. Is the script written with as less code as possible?

For mods:
01. Is the mod written correctly for it's purpose?
02. Is it having as less errors, bugs, etc as possible?
03. Is the mod competitive compared to the original game?
04. Is it also compatible with other Operation Systems?
05. Is it safe to use for other people?
06. Are there any licensing issues which aren't fixed (yet)?
07. Is the mod written with as less code as possible?

When creating the content
The link to The 10 Sauer Commandments should give you a good view what you should not do here. And elder version of that is just right here.

It doesn't matter what kind of content it is, as long as it's not even close to such questions, you can't expect the next couple of lines.

After creating the content
After you've created a content for your map, script, mod, etc and your getting a comment with feedback, always keep in mind that not even 3% of the people on quadropolis really want to insult or hurt your feelings. The comment can look very rude but think, that person probably isn't meaning it that bad, else he wouldn't have post any comment in the first place. Just read his or her comment properly and think what does that person actually mean and why is he notifying you on that certain point. Only in a few cases, the person that puts a constructive comment on your node that is generally incorrect with the content.
Never try to insult the person which took time to look at your map, script, mod, etc as he or she probably won't do that again with the next content you create. Keep in mind also, there is a limited number of people on quadropolis and the people which truly put a constructive comment on nodes is even more rare.


If you have some more experience with quadropolis, then here is a guide how you should react on newcomer's posts, but also to any other person on quadropolis.

When a new being has created a content which he or she is proud of (while it actually isn't looking nice at all compared to other contents), try to tell him what he or she could do better on the map. Keep in mind that person probably isn't very experienced in mapping and still is thinking on a complete different way as a more experienced person would think when he or she created a content.
So don't try to insult or hurt that particular person as quadropolis can always have an extra person to her collection. Maybe one day, that newcomer can help the community on quadropolis also, just like he or she has been helped in the past by other people on quadropolis.
Keep in mind, quadropolis isn't having as much people aren't anymore as it used to have. With such comments, that wouldn't help the population at all.

If the particular person isn't a newcomer, but also a person which has more experience on quadropolis, but being outrageous, don't react on his action offensively. It often happens when people take offence as defence, a flamewar erupts even quicker. Stick to facts and investigate what he or she actually means. Just don't react on the action when it's irrelevant to the content.
It also isn't a bad thing to base your (constructive) comment on the The 10 Sauer Commandments, as they aren't existing for nothing.

Side notes
Even there is standing "Newcomers", I'm pretty sure several persons around here could use it very well, even if they are more experienced as new beings.
I would request to any admin to star this content, so it won't be forgotten as easily as it would without.

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