Suicizer | 2010-10-23 15:10
Taking the right name...

Taking a certain name for a map can be tough sometimes.
That's why I'll try to give some tips for taking a mapname wich you can pick at best.
Of course you can completly ignore those tips and just go on with naming your maps at random, it's your own choice...

The following tips to get a pretty logical name for your maps:

1. Try to observate your probably half- or quarter-finished map and especially look at points like theme, atmosphere (lighting), texturing, details, geometry, gameplay and/or flow. When you name your map, take a few of these points and focus the name on that.
Some simple examples of that are when you make a space-themed map, using "space" in the name (like "lostinspace") or when you make an industrial-themed map, using "factory" in it (like "killfactory"). Even tough this isnt very original but well get on that at the next point...

2. Try to be original and not to copy names of other mappers.
Take a name wich is unique and not taken by much mappers. So like a castle-themed map, don't take "castle" inside of the name of the map, but try to be original by taking names like "fortress" or "citadel".

3. Try to use the points of the map wich looks better than other points of it.
When a certain map has a better gameplay than it's atmosphere, try to focus on the gameplay then.

4. Try not to focus just on 1 of the points wich is in tip #1.
You can only look at the theme, and call a church-themed map just "church", but you block other mappers of using anything with "church" in it, to still being original when naming. Try to be social and look further for focussing on another point, like gameplay. If a valley-themed map is created to play capture on it, take something like "c_valley"...

5. Keep it short, keep it simple.
When you keep the name of a map just short and simple, its much easier to remember than when you take a long name with uncommon words. Since Sauerbraten is from original English based, its not a bad thing to take an english word for your map (but do realise that you still should focus on a few of those points at tip #1).

5. Taking long names isnt a bad thing, but...
It's not a bad thing to take a long map name, but when doing it, try to call it's original name only in the "maptitle" wich get showed up. Try to reduce the name instead. Because of reducing, it's easier to remember and takes less time to write down in a consoleline.
Take as example "loth", wich has as maptitle "Lair Of True Heros" and ironicly in english, "loth" also has another meaning, wich brings us to the next (optional) tip.

6. Take names with a double or ironic meaning.
This isnt a must, but it adds some interest for a player when writing it down to load the map. As example, "curvy_castle" is ironicly enough called "castle", but does it really looks like a castle? ...

7. Adding your own nick into it.
It's not back to put your own nick in the name of a map, but try to combine it with some other point of tip #1. Else youll get several maps with almost the same name, were only a number at the end is the difference (like "mbt1", "mbt10", etc). This can be pretty confusing and isnt logical at all since there's no sense in numbering, exept the time when the map has been created (as example, "mbt1" probably has been made earlier than "mbt10"). Another pretty bad thing wich brings this way of naming is that you cannot see on the map's name it is a deathmatch or a capture the flag map. (as example, you can't see if "mbt1" is a deathmatch map or a capture the flag map, when you only look at the name). So when using your nick in the map's name, try to add at least gameplay in the name too!

I hope these tips can help you taking a proper name. I'll repeat it again, it's your own decission to take a map name and to ignore those tips...

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