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I was going to use models, but not for the plain formal structure of the map. The detailing would be mostly done with the use of models. Things such a statues, gargoyles, inside decor, etc.
Towards the final release i will release models in a separate node. These will include:

  • Adam & Eve (located in the front of the Notre Dame de paris)
  • gargoyles (also same as above)
  • scaffolding (if i go the unfinished church)
  • chairs or random things


Textures will be released as Texture will probley be released in 2 releases and include:

  • a main texture (with 4 or five variances; the variances will be painted on over the main to create cracks and slightly ajar bricks)
  • 2 or 3 stain glass textures (one for the main rose marry and on for the south rose marry and one for all the stain glass windows)
  • style texturs (some for the ceilings, painting on the walls, and other places)
  • A couple of wood textures for varies items (pulpit, chairs, stage, etc) Note: some of these could be models
  • fabric texture

GamePlay ideas

As Windecker pointed out this map is quiet large (in file size) and is marked as an artistic map and a ctf, this is due to the fact that it is an artistic map, but as this engine is focused to be as fps i saw it fit to make it playable :) So this is an ARTISTIC CTF/CAP.

The main idea for the map would be cap and then ctf game play would run as following:
The 2 towers in the front of the map would contain the flag (north and south towers), there would be 4 exits (maybe 3) the windows on the four sides. Enterances would be from the stairs at on the lower north/south sides of the tower, and also from the roof (which would be accessed from the towers which from the cross (east and west). For capture these would be cap points along with one in the east and west towers and one on the stage.

Theme Ideas

I had 2 main ideas for theming:

  1. A unfinished cathedral (tarps over chairs pulpits ect, scaffolding, unfinished sculptures/paintings
  2. A Cube cathedral (cube pmodels/mosters as gargoyles/sculpture, painting/stain glass with a cube focus


-Log-Oct 31, 2010
Some work done on the inside of the north and south towers.
Note: no release.

-Log-Sept 24, 2010
i have finished the front of the cathedral. The general idea is to make this mostly a cap map rather than ctf. I am looking at making it ctf capable and putting the flags in the 2 towers at the front. There will be 2 main entrances into the Towers:
1. From the top. Through the roof onto the top of the tower. not quite sure how this is exactly going to work.
2. Through a stair case on the side of the tower. this could either be a tele up to the top of the stairs or actually make you climb the stairs
Both these ways will not be ways to leave (the staircase will be one way cubes and the roof will be to high to jump.

Both of these towers are bell towers so they will contain a bell ;)

Way to leave the towers will be from the windows on the four sides (maybe only 3). The Stain glass pain in the front (the big circle one) will be no-clipped so you can go through it to the stair case to access the other tower.

Any Layout advise, question, concerns or comment would be greatly appreciated.

-Log- Aug 23, 2010
I started a constructing a cathedral. I'm going for a Gothic style cathedral. I need some help on ideas for detailing. Also I'm looking for help to make the level more playable. As of right now, it is a little elongated, i would like ideas to make it feel less grand. I'm looking at making it look like Notre dame in Paris. Any ideas on detailing or ways to improve gameplay would be great. Of course I'm always open to critique on the current level.

Things to do:

Add a North and South tower
Attach the front entrance to the main vaults.
Add an inside design, staircase and other thing to the front tower.
Add statues sculptures reliefs etc.
Finish the lay out including adding buttresses that create a cross shape for the building as a whole.

Note: Uses CFE's grass texture--not really needed :0

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