David | 2010-08-28 13:20
Fatal Instinct
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Another great 1 on 1 deathmatch map!

I hope you arent getting bored from remakes of Quake 3 Arena maps, because here's another one!
The normally called "q3tourney5" map that plays great in Quake 3 Arena, has been created in Cube Engine 2, with some sizeable gameplay and flow. Of course, the "Quadropolis Standards" has been tried to reach, by adding more platforms in the map than its original.

The map is really meant to be played 1 on 1. When trying ffa with more then 2 people, pickups will be hard to get. The map looks very boring in first sight, but if you play it on several modes (especially insta), you'll notice it's actually pretty tactical and the purpose of some things which seem to be illogical when encountering it the first time, makes sense after all.
It's like it's original, designed for ffa and efficiency duels. Insta can be played on it either, but it's a bit harder compared to the other modes. The fog can be very useful to sneak away when your opponent has the quad or to confuse him or her while duelling.

Be sure to give it a try before voting, because it looks pretty different ingame than on the screenshots. Just taking a match against a bot is no problem at all too, they haven't got any problem with the map (except reaching the upside of the walls in the centre)
I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Yves Allaire for the e7 texture pack, Drekow and Razgriz for playtesting.

- Another way to the upper platforms has been added, to improve the gameplay and flow (for the people that cant see it or are just too lazy to check out the real gameplay and flow of the map, it's a teleport that spawns you to the upperplatform with just 1 health on it, above a greenarmour thats spawning on a small pool)...
- The centre walls are fully clipped now.
- Lighting has been fixed on some places.
- Jumppad geometry problem has been solved.
- Screenshots has been updated.
- Some pickups have been switched (the quaddamage is at the place where the health supposed to be, just in the air between 2 upper platforms. The quad has been putted on that place to give bots a fair chance too, else they somehow were never able to take the quaddamage, even though they could reach it. A rifleround is added where the quad was spawning).
- Some more playerstarts has been added (especially on the upper platforms).
- There have been added another lower platform next to the bullet spawn area and the centre of the map.
- Waypoints have been updated of course.

- Took some fog away to set it to 250 instead of 200...
- Unclipped the walls in the centre again (to increase the flow a bit)...
Those improvements were probably the last, because there isn't much left to improve (except if someone suggests an idea wich would fit logical in the map)...

- Added an awesome detail for marking there's a teleport; A "kind of" mirror of the place where you get spawned when you take the teleport. A screenshot is attached to this node.

- The configuration-file has been updated so all textures also use a height-mapped texture.
- The environmental texture has been converted to a .jpg-file to decrease the file-size.

- There have been added 2 other ways for accessing the first floor.
- There are also 2 ways to the upside of the walls in the centre of the map (which will reward players with bullets or some riflerounds).
- Gameplay has been updated by the playerstarts and pickups which has been added (like those on the walls in the centre of the map).
- The fog has been reduced (again), which makes you see almost every corner pretty clear (player still aren't able to see from side to side of the map, which keeps the surprise effect a little bit). It now also plays pretty nice in modes like instant gib.
- A fogdome has been added.
- The fogcolour (and the water) has been tweaked some more grey, so it wouldn't look like a sandstorm.
- Skytextured all geometry which isn't in sight for players.
- Replaced the screenshot of the teleport for an environmental-mapped texture. It looks less good to me, but it saves a lot of file-size while still carrying the same purpose.
- Included all necessary textures and models.

- Updated waypoints. Bot surprisingly aren't having any problem at getting the bullets on those walls.
- Fixed some small geometry mistakes.

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