RatBoy | 2006-06-24 01:22
Anonimous Fortress A.K.A. SastreZ v1.0 by Pablo "RatBoy" Ciamarra
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Medium sized map in a futuristic complex called Feather War Factory.

Map's Story:
During the war in the Estrada system, SastreZ was a part of the Feather War Factory that wasn't even built. When the war was over and the Identi planet finally conquered, the factory tried to get more commercial, and started producing for other systems and for other wars. To do so, the SastreZ sector was built, it's purpouse was to be the reception for visitors, burocratic employees and other stuff like that.

But one day one visitor's son brought an ear worm he had as pet secretly into the base, this ear worm escaped this kid's pocket and started reproducing, soon the whole sector was infested with them, every living being was affected by these worms, and acted irrationally.

Soldiers began shooting everyone, burocrats began to sue everyone, soon the whole sector was dead, and the factory closed. Thats when the owner put both Katrez and SastreZ sector to the purpouse of deathmatch.

It's rumored that the ghosts of the burocrats still roam these hallways, annoying everyone with burocratic crap.

This was in fact my very first Cube map. I started learning the engine and the editor and this is what came up. I really don't like it as much as I like KatreZ, and I'm going to remake it entirely, removing lots of things and changing the whole structure and also texturing, but I decided to do that in Sauerbraten, and releasing this one for Cube as my final Cube level for the moment. The WDQ count is only 3600 at the bigger areas, so you won't have any real problem.
What I don't like about this level is mainly that has the same textures as KatreZ wich would make it look a little repetitive, but I haven't found a better texture set so this will do for the moment. And also I don't like the structure as much as KatreZ.
But anyway, hope you enjoy this one, and also I would like to get as much feedback as you can give me to make the Sauer version. Good luck!

Final Version:
Here it is. The final version of SastreZ. You'll probably wonder why didn't I updated the old post of this one, well mainly because no one will even see it since the site doesn't announce it like new posts, and also because it now looks a lot better than the previous beta. I've reduced the amount of ammo in the level since it was just too much, also added a new area. I've worked a lot on the lightning of the level and giving a meaning to those lights (I mean, putting lamps, candles, etc), I think it looks a lot better and I'm pleased with it, and hope you'll be also.
Suggestions, critics, feedback, everything is apreciated. Have fun!

SastreZ_v1.0.zip (423.89 KB)
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