Windecker | 2010-02-25 22:48
( My Own ) Forum Guidelines
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I'm no moderator or administrator, but I still think I should throw this out. This is to anybody new, or anybody who doesn't know already.

1) Use a descriptive title for your thread!
A title saying "Question" or "Please HAlp!" does not grant any relevant information as to the topic of the post, instead use something like: "HUD missing" or "Can't see menu."
Try to put the 'Subject' of your post in the 'Subject' box, ( go figure ) and save us all time. ;)

2) Don't Advertise. Advertisement is not the purpose of the forum or node comments. I'd only reckon it would be permitted if it had to do with a new cube game, maybe..
I've noticed it happen, though only in comments thus far.

3) Refrain from trolling. If somebody IS trolling, just ignore them.
If your wondering, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages, and they more often than not want you to start arguing with them.

4) Do not submit a post that requires the download of a file when not necessary. *looks to the criticism done in PDF *
Images can be added to posts, learn your HTML tags.
Glorious HTML Tag Help Page
If you must upload a file, make sure its in a format that everybody can use. Not all of use can open .doc or .docx

5) Refrain from double posting. There is an 'Edit' button, it is there for a reason, use it. Also avoid from hitting 'Submit' multiple times if its taking a while. Most people realize that when you hit the button three times that you usually end up making three identical posts.

5.5) Use the 'Reply' button if your speaking towards a specific person. It saves the trouble of going back and forth for the readers.

6) Do not post a problem or idea on somebody else's thread, if it is something of relevance then make a new thread. We will never find your great idea if its buried in the middle of two thousand comments.

7) Refrain from completely useless comments such as "lol" "Awesome" "Cool" "Junk"
Lots of us are guilty of doing such.

8) Keep your signature short. I haven't seen any insanely long ones yet but still, a signature that is four miles long is by no means acceptable.

9) Do not post files or links to files that are illegal. Ex. Warez, Cracks, key-gens, links to pirated software, etc, or information regarding how do acquire such. Common sense.

10) Do Not Violate Copyrights!
We all know it, most of us have seen it. Don't do it.

11) Try your best to help people as much or more than you yourself ask for help.

12) Keep private conversations private, not on the forum. Don't share private information on the forum as anybody can see it ( duhh ) or carry on unrelated conversations.

13) For the unlucky Thirteen, Refrain from ALL CAPS! Check your spelling, and one question mark, one period or one exclamation mark is plenty sufficient! If you can't spell, try a browser with spell check in it: Firefox, Google Chrome. ( there are more but I am not familiar with them )

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