matt bierner | 2009-09-19 23:40
Skycastle-R Final
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A remake of the original Skycastle map

Modified By Matt Bierner
Original Map by Okicomputer

This map is a rethinking of the original Skycastle map from 2006. It attempts to update the look of the original map and make it suitable for regular gameplay. I have correspond with Okicomputer a several times, obtaining his permission to release this map. He is working on completing the original map, and obviously his update will be more faithful to the original.

Major Changes:
* New cfg file
* Retexturing of entire map (with the same textures originally used)
* New lighting that aims for a more natural and bright look
* Update of map geometry to give the map a more open and airy appearance
* Countless geometry bug fixes and small alternations that are almost unnoticeable
* Update of map layout in an attempt to improve gameplay, especially for CTF and insta
* New ent layout

Basically I changed everything in the map while keeping the general themes and overall geometric designs of the original map.

Update 1 (September 22,2009):
*Bug fixes
*added particles for teleports
*added sounds
*added more items
*reshaped the teleport structure in the right base and the small towers on either side of the left base
*removed the dock thing in the front
*reduced fog
*fixed some lighting problems

Update 2 (October 10, 2009):
*added waypoints - These may not work perfectly since this map is very vertical in design.
*made some geometry more rounded
*reduced lighting quality to achieve a smaller size - This created a lot of lighting bugs so players are advised to calclights on their own with a lighting precision of 32 or so.
*altered some item placement slightly
*fixed a few geometry bugs in the center building
*redid the large launch teleport in the right building for the second time
*New screenshot!!!

Current State:
This map is unfinished and, for several reasons, I am likely never to finish it. This is why:

*As much as I tried with this update to the map, I could not make the gameplay what it should be. To really get an appropriate layout for gameplay, I would really have to change so much of the design that most of the original map would be lost.
*The textures lack detail and I have already completely retextured the map twice, but those retexturing were only with the 4 textures seen in the final version. To do texturing correctly would require to much more time.
*I was not able to realize my vision of the map. I am not all that happy with the end product's look. Again, I might as well make a completely new map.

The original map:
The sky box:

I recommend playing the map with a slight amount of bloom.

Also, I am not quite finished with this map yet, but if anyone (hopefully the author) has an old or unfinished map that they would like me to update and revise in a similar manner, just contact me. The map must have some potential however. Overall, this project was pretty fun and I would not mind doing something similar again. (5.6 MB)
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