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frozen [Update 6A: January 2015]
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A small DM map with snow, ice and metal constructions

Another extensive update, and hopefully the last like it. However, I expect some smaller fixes to follow soon. There's a big chance I missed something somewhere.

The map is currently saved as "frozen6a" to avoid conflicts with the current release version. Please try to playtest the map with friends and give me feedback on the changes, any further suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to Frosty for spending a lot of time on the map, helping me with good ideas, and lastly for his contribution in the cave (:
A big thanks also to swatllama, Fatality, starch and everyone else who helped out with feedback while I was working on the map.

2015 January - Update 6A:

- The lighting on the map has been completely redone. The light of the lamps shifted towards a more orange color.
- Changed skybox to meister/uzze
- Added more fog and a fogdome
- More skylight, less sunlight: The sharp shadows are gone and instead the map has a cloudier, gloomier atmosphere.
- Added snowflakes
- Added mapsounds and sound effect for jumppad.

- Added slippery ice (thanks to Frosty)
- Changed the hue and opacity of the ice texture and removed the specmaps from the snow texture.
- Cleaned up the texture cfg to remove duplicates
- The shabby old mountains have been replaced and new sections have been added
- The mountains use two new rock textures from the terrain_soc set
- Blendmapping has been renewed and some were added to the snow and metal floor

- The platform near the yellowarmour and the surrounding area has been redesigned to make movement easier
- The section around the bigger staircase has been created from scratch because the old version was very lazy
- The point where the staircase disappears into the ice has been done from scratch without the snow in the way. Looks a lot nicer this way.
- Countless other improvements to geometry and texturing to make the map look a little prettier. Like this.

- The healthboost and greenarmour have switched places: More cover for the GA, more risk for the HB down on the ice.
- Reduced number of health pickups from 6 to 4.
- Added two additional ammopacks: shells and grenades.
- Some shells and grenades have switched places.
- One of the bullets packs near the jumppad was removed. Bullets near the lower teledest were moved down to the ice.
- Added a lot of playerstarts and adjusted existing ones (from 8 to 27)
- Cleaned up clipping after all the changes

- Of course I forgot to mention the wider corridor near the YA. Arguably one of the most important changes.


After memento, this is another small deathmatch map for which I focused on the flow of gameplay, this time with a snowy theme. Again, the map didnt take too long, but a bit longer than memento. I started it 2 days ago, and now it's done with waypoints. I'd like to hear what you think about it, and if you have any suggestions for improvements, write a comment :)

2012 January - UPDATE 5:
- Most importantly: The water pits have been removed. The entire area is now covered with snow and ice, providing the map with a central area for fighting, without getting stuck in the holes.
- Increased width of two hallways, giving the players more space
- Changed the double jumppad gap to a continous path, with a platform on the side to climb up
- Moved teledest to greenarmour spot
- Added healthboost at old teledest location
- Moved greenarmour to new location
- Added stairs in front of yellowarmour for people with walking disabilities
- Added some details in the lower area

Thanks to Suicizer and Misan for the help!

UPDATE 4: Clipped/Noclipped a few things, changed Screenshot and Mapimage
UPDATE 3: Changed the snow texture, Changed Jumppad Texture
UPDATE 2: Fixed a clipping error and removed the pistol ammo
UPDATE: Removed Deathclip in the Water, removed some snow, changed jumppad texture and improved the ice texture (1.58 MB)
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