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memento [Update 2B: January 2015]
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Small Deathmatch Map

Since I found more things I wanted to improve about the map, here's update 2B. Hopefully the last? Let me know if I missed anything.

The map is currently saved as "memento2b" to avoid conflicts with the current release version. Please try to playtest the map with friends and give me feedback on the changes, any further suggestions are welcome.

2015 January - Update 2B:
- Fixed the gap behind the jumppad that was out of range
- New lighting with more skylight, so the shadows from the sun aren't as dominant anymore
- Added a fogdome and changed fogcolour to a brighter and warmer color that transitions into the greenish tint of the skybox
- Added mapsounds that were missing in the last update
- The map now loads all its textures from the cfg, which allowed me to change some texture settings more easily.
- Fixed a few minor texture errors while retexturing the map
- Added blendmaps to the mountains and caves
- Added the two grass patches back in, but with a dry, brown color.
- Added an arch and brick texture from Gregor Koch's set which were used to make the gates in the cave a bit prettier.
- The grates near the cave were replaced with something similar, but still let grenades pass through.
- The section below the biggest house was also changed using the new arch texture.
- More detail on the window frames and blinds, as well as on the pillars and roofs of the three cover pieces
- The shape of the roof of each cover piece has been changed slightly to bend downwards at the sides. This should make it easier to hit the surface with rockets from the side so they provide less of an advantage.
- Some minor clipping improvements
- Added more playerstarts (from 13 to 20)
- Removed two health pickups, one at each greenarmour (from 7 to 5)
- Changed position of the three ammo packs below the upper greenarmour
- Moved the very helpful cartridges to the roofs of the cover pieces
- Added three bases for tiny capture or hold games

2014 December - Update 2A:
- Moved teledest back into its original corner, and green armour back down
- Changed the HB roof into a balcony with railing
- Reduced size of top platform with rockets
- Changes to ammo placement
- Added more spawnpoints
- A few more boxes are back in the center
- Improved clipping
- I honestly don't even remember
- Other minor things

2014 November - Update 2:
- Lowered floor in the upper area to allow easy jumping from the right platform to the left, as well as a roof not in the picture.
- Moved teledest in the upper area from the left to the other end seen in the picture above the boxes.
- Moved upper area green armour to where the teledest was.
- Removed most of the boxes that cluttered the central lower area, to provide easier movement, and placed a platform that replaces all their functions.
- Changed the layout of this area and reduced the size of the cover so you don't hit your head on it anymore.
- All cover pieces are now the same size. The two in the lower area received a tiny free strip before the drop to make jumping around them easier. (see image above)
- Prettier hills.
- Prettier caves!
- Moved health boost to a new location.
- Expanded this area and added a way around to the rockets instead of the old box jump up a narrow platform. Jumping against the box also no longer makes you drop all the way down to the stairs.
- You can now easily shoot grenades through the iron bars near the caves.
- Adjusted jump-pad strength
- Did I mention that the jumppad is prettier too?


UPDATE 1: I fixed a few things, like the flames that were going through the roof, clipped the water parts in the cave and removed the grass.

This is a small deathmatch map that i made today in a few hours, which is pretty unusual for me, since it normally takes ages until I finish a map. I hope this isn't noticeable in the quality of the map. On this map, i mainly focused on the gameplay, since my maps usually just look good but don't have a too great gameplay, in my opinion.
I tried to give the map a good flow so that you dont get stuck often, and I hope I managed to do that.

Please download, rate, and comment! (1.35 MB)
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