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Quite large, mirrored CTF map with various possible ways

The map is already in the CVS tree - get recent version from there :)

2mach1 is the name of the original map from Quake.
WahnFred showed me the map and asked whether it would be possible to sauerize it, so we started working.

I did most of the work, nearly everything with geometry, texturing and lighting due to the circumstance that Wahn never mapped before. I tought him a bit during the mapping sessions.
But he helped a lot with ideas and critics, so he deserved a credit here :)

The map is a pure CTF map. I spread some playerstarts for other gamemodes, but mainly it's thought to play CTF in it.
It has a highly secure spawn room with ammo and two teleporters in it, one for offense and one for defense players. They are marked by mapmodels (an axe and a shield - thanks to eihrul for that idea.)
You have 4 ways to get to the flagroom and out again.
Beneath the middle part between the castles are some tunnels you can walk through, above is some stuff.

Many things in this map aren't in the 12-year-old (iirc) quake map. I think, you can imagine how detailed that one was? ;)
We added a lot of different stuff there. The center is complete made-in-sauer, the spawnroom, and so on. We just took the great layout of the older map.

Some notes, before you are commenting/suggesting/whatever:
- the jumppads are best how they are now
- I have no idea how to solve that heightmap-lighting-problem. (You can see the problem in the water somewhere, mainly)

Before I forget it: thanks to SATAN with his lighting-hints, eihrul, Nieb, apfl, schmutz and others who put some comments on that map already :)

Added a few details and removed useless materials.

Update No.2:
Added a little more details and some mapmodels, uncluding an axe to mark the offensive teleporter. Removed the O/D-Signs.

Update No.3:
Nieb, eihrul (thanks a lot, you two!) and me redesigned the rockwalls and the ground. You shouldn't notice it, but it has now way less triangles, as you can see in the filesize falling down to 670 kb. :)
I also added a small room in the map.

Update No. 3.1:
little bugfix

Update No. 3.1:
updated some text here. I'm not gonna update the map here since it's in CVS (no need there, I guess)

And: Thanks for the comments here :)

EDIT: Mmh, can't upload the new screenie...

mach2.zip (684.83 KB)
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