schmutzwurst | 2008-05-05 23:22
Berlin Wall
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This content is now included in the official release of the game, so you do not need to download it if you already have the latest release. The content stored here may not reflect the copy the game uses.
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large CTF/capture/insta map, historic theme

2008-06-20: Updated the zip to what is in the realease too so anyone who edited the map and wants the official version back can get it from here.

Thanks again a billion to Nieb, SATAN and fweep who helped me a lot on this map!

UPDATE 05/20/08

after a several hour long coop edit session with Nieb, apflstrudl and fweep we were able to reduce the geometry in berlin_wall drastically. Thanks so much for your help, guys !!!

its now 1,4 MB instead of 2,3 MB and might have up to twice the fps you previously had. Some Buildings are goone, the rest were just minor optical, but major gridsize changes. i hope you all like it. i dont really have the time to update the picture, but except for some buildings it looke pretty similar still.


05/18/08: UPDATED

tried to fix everything mentioned and added a train station right under the brandenburg gate. i didnt do all things that were suggested, but most. thanks for all the good hints, tricks, bugfinds etc.!!!


here comes another CTF map. it requires the CVS version of it, but you might want to check it out anyway, because it now contains new models, CTF (finally!) and thousands of other improvements so far.

just follow this guide (WIN/MAC), its easy, takes just about as long as the usual release to download, you just need a different program to do so:

it is meant as a tactical CTF map and therefore uses a spawn-room in which you have to decide what role you want to play until you die the next time. depending on how you decide (defensive player, offensive one, going for quad or trying to sniper you get your required ammo for the role. the map itself is equipped then only equipped with few ammo but still creates incentives to browse through it as the spawn room gives you no armour...

in insta and ffa it works similar like akroseum: it tries to keep you in the center of the map (by letting you spawn there only) so it should even be fun with just few people.

i know some of you (me included) hate symmetrical maps - but with CTF they just seem to be the only real solution. hope can cope with, i'm having a hard time myself releasing such a map ;-)

well, give it a try. it is still at beta stage, though.

my major problem is my partially broken graphics card which makes sauer crash whenever i try to load the map myself lately. therefore i'm happy to have a version for you to look at and test,

but: i wont be able too fix or update the map right away. however i will read what you write and will will work out all of your critique that you gave good reasons for. i will just probably have to go to a friend's place in a few weeks and finish it as my computer can`t run the map anymore.

another issue: unfortunately it got a little big in size. if anyone knows how to make it smaller or speed it up a little without rebuilding it or changing much in the map itself, tell me.

i used:
/lightprecision 256
/calclight 1 (2.81 MB)
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