schmutzwurst | 2008-03-22 22:07
akroseum by shmutzwurst
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map for ALL modes especially capture/regen/insta but CTF too - 2-16 players

2008-06-20: Updated the zip to what is in the realease too so anyone who edited the map and wants the official version back can get it from here.


04-21-08 (after the CVS playtest) - changed skybox, relighted the whole map added new details, rearranged most weapons. added entities.


here comes akroseum (the name is a mixture of akropolis and museum).

before you start complaining, please read the following lines.

ok, with this map i tried to achieve three goals:

the first goal was:
it has to be suitable for ffa, instagib and capture (and now even CTF!) at the same time and should to be playable even with just 2 people. im not sure if fulfills that 100% perfect in your opinion but i think it is an acceptable compromise between the different game modes. sure: it's gonna be more fun the more people play on it, due to its size - but we've tested it a lot with 1on1s and it is actually pretty ok. maybe test it too. the magic trick/idea was to let all spawn points circle around the heart of the map. this way you'll face each other most of the time, even when just playing a 1on1.

the second goal was:
i love capture but i get a bit bored with the capturing of bases. its too often the same. thats why i tried to put a specialty to every base: one is under water, on is in a labyrinth, one is easily attacked from a jumppad but hard to defend, one is surrounded by spawnpoints and the last is easily attacked with long range weapons. i believe it to be fun in regen and normal capture, though it does not support the "stand-at-the-base-and-just-fire-non-stop-at-other-bases" kind of playing as you cant reach from one base to the other.

the third goal was to make it playable and balanced in the new mode in the CVS version: capture the flag although it is not symmetrical.

please be mild :-S

update 03/24/08: fixed several minor bugs, replaced some lights, added walls, etc. thanks for all feed back and testing so far, especially dunedan, zero, jorge, wahnfred, solea ... and all i forgot :-)

revision 04/13/08:
As promised, most of your critique had some influence on the map. ive added CTF flags too so you´ll need the CVS version to run it. come to #tc at to ask us to play with you in case you cant find anyone to test it with. most TC members got the CVS up and running. (1.55 MB)
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