Sharper | 2008-03-16 12:56
ac_offices - From CS Zero
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This map is still under development, and suggestions are welcome - I got some random storyline, Enjoy

UPDATE: Removed all the tris.md2 and Thumbs files. Changed spawn locations, changed item spawns, added more mapmodels.

UPDATE: Added Toca's Mapmodels, Storyline (not much, I guess), Night Version Available now, More space for CLA base


It was boring guarding the perimeter. A week has passed since they captured these office buildings. They've been using it as a communication and information centre for their terroist movement; the anti-terrorist group hasn't noticed their activities - yet. They hijacked the local radio and is voicing propaganda through it to join us (CLA).
So far, its been successful. Village men in this country are rebelling, and already attacked a prison where our comrades were captured. They've escaped and managed to make it to our temporaily HQ. Our comrades who returned are proffessionals. They were trained since their childhood. The only reason they were captured by the stupid anti-terrorist government forces were because our leader told them to surrender so we can escape. We escaped while the comrades were surrendering. The only reason the leader valued our group, was because we were technicians. CLA needed more educated technicians, and we were the only ones that could operate and hack into computers, hijack radio channels and the such.
Me and one other guy named Bernadino were playing cards while discussing how boring it was sitting out in the freezing cold and guarding. Bernadino was a nice guy. He was only 16 years old when he joined us. It's only been a month since then.
I suddenly felt a punch in my chest, and heard a sound that sounded like an bird swooping by. It winded me... I looked back to see who did it. There was no one. Suddenly, it felt extremely cold...and when I turned back Bernadino looked terrified. Blood was spatterd on the ground and on the cards. I couldn't speak.. so I pointed at Bernadino's walkie-talkie. Bernadino got the idea, and as soon as his hand reached it his head exploded. Damn, I thought. I couldn't think straight... my vision was whitening.

*The RVSF sniper, Eagle, searched the ground for other guards. He saw none, and he radioed in the other team it was safe to go. The rest of the team moved towards the office buildings. One of them code-named Bear shot the barely alive terrorist in the head with a silenced pistol.
They passed through the garage door silently. It was midnight, but the part of the office occupied by the CLA were brightly lit. The team then followed the set plan - to gather intelligence for the location of the CLA leader, and if possible eliminate all CLA threats within the vicinity. It was hard to determine with the satellite images they've taken before the misson, but it was possible there were some hostages. If so, it was also their mission to rescue them.
They crept into the shadows, and approached the office buildings.*

~This story is based on the night version of ac_offices, ac_officesn~

I am not strictly following the CS version, only using CS version as an base/idea.

Don't forget that this maps still under development, so don't rate me harsh - I will detail it later.
The mapmodel pics.. what do you think of them? :0

Oh and all the windows - you can crouch through them in 0.94
It will increase player mobility throughout the map. Yep, even the desks.

(Try throwing nades through some of the skymaps) (3.42 MB)
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